Vi Keeland – Mister Moneybags Audiobook

Vi Keeland – Mister Moneybags Audiobook

Vi Keeland - Mister Moneybags Audiobook
Vi Keeland – Mister Moneybags Audiobook


What a dynamic couple… It totally flabbergasts me what these two creators can think of. Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland will dependably be auto perused creators for me. I have never been baffled with both of their books and their co-created books.

Mr Moneybags was the same. I totally LOVED this book. Much the same as the various books in this arrangement… .Penelope and Vi shelter given us a fun, engaging and enamoring storyline. The characters are adorable and relatable and you simply need to be a piece of their lives. I giggled with this book, yet I likewise swooned, shouted and even teared up a bit. I adore when they can address the greater part of my feelings. I need to state I never need their books to end. Vi Keeland – Mister Moneybags Audiobook Free.

Mr Moneybags is the fourth book in their Cocky Bastard Series (Cocky Bastard, Stuck-Up Suit, and Playboy Pilot) however each of these books are finished independent. Importance there are no covering in characters or storyline. Yes we do get a cameo in this book from a past Cocky Bastard (I won’t state which one) be that as it may, in the event that you haven’t perused any of the past books, you won’t be lost or feel you are missing anything. This story is totally unique and concentrates on another couple.

As dependably these two writers composing style work impeccably together. You really can’t tell who composes which part. I cherished the pacing of this story and how they functioned the characters together. I cherished the talk amongst Dex and Bianca. I additionally cherished that they tossed in an astonishment in the story and took this an entirely unexpected way then I was anticipating. Yes the initial segment of the story is genuinely unsurprising, yet that isn’t the situation as the story unfurls 😉 Once I began this book I discovered it truly difficult to put it down. I will reveal to you that this book had a truly solid storyline, in which this story isn’t stacked down with a great deal of sexual moments. Presently don’t misunderstand me Dex will liquefy your fuel, yet it was done uniquely in contrast to I was anticipating. To state this entire book was diverse then I thought it would be is a precise explanation, however I cherish when a book can amaze the perusers. Vi Keeland – Mister Moneybags Audiobook.

In this story we take after the shot experience of Dexter Truitt and Bianca George. They met when the lift they are in slows down and they are pushed into haziness. Bianca is there in light of the fact that she should be meeting Dexter for her magazine that she works for. Bianca was running late so she didn’t see somebody in the lift with her until the point when he converses with her when the lift slows down. Dexter Truiit runs a multi-million dollar organization and has kept his own life privatr counting his looks. So not knowing her identity stuck in the lift with, Bianca doesn’t paint Dex in a positive light. Be that as it may, Dex is intrigued with Bianca and wouldn’t like to let her leavr so he presents himself as Jay. What Happens when reality turns out?? Will Bianca have the capacity to pardon Dex for lying? Mister Moneybags Free Online. Can these two have a HEA?

Venture into the universe of another “presumptuous charlatan” and discover those answers. You won’t be sad!