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Theodore Dreiser – Sister Carrie Audiobook

Theodore Dreiser – Sister Carrie Audiobook

Theodore Dreiser - Sister Carrie Audiobook Free Online
Theodore Dreiser – Sister Carrie Audiobook


I read the Kindle version on two distinctive Kindles that I possess, another Fire Kindle, and an old, unique Kindle. In both cases I encountered no issues of any sort and the content had couple of grammatical mistakes or blunders.

About the book itself, Theodore Dreiser is a proficient essayist who knows how to recount a story well. From the earliest starting point to the end I appreciated Sister Carrie’s experiences. A nation young lady, Carrie moves to Chicago to look for her fortune and at first, has no achievement. Theodore Dreiser – Sister Carrie Audiobook Free Online. She takes in the most difficult way possible that the poor are abused by the rich as she takes a shot at a mechanical production system in an industrial facility.

In view of her great looks she is seen by a voyaging sales representative, Charlie Drouet. He persuades Carrie to move in with him and her fortunes enhance drastically. Charlie gets Carrie a bit part in a novice dramatic and Carrie does well. Drouet’s companion George Hurstwood meets Carrie and promptly is stricken by her looks and appeal. Hurstwood takes cash from his bosses and traps Carrie into departing Chicago with him. After a short remain in Montreal, the combine at last land in New York City where they discover a loft and start their coexistence. Sister Carrie Audiobook Free Download.

Presently Carrie’s story and her experiences start decisively and Dreiser knows how to include perusers and keep them keen on what happens to Carrie and Hurstwood. Dreiser is less effective as a novice logician and analyst. All through the novel he moves to one side and gives his considerations about existence and living. The lucidity of thought showed in his recounting Carrie’s story is not as clear in his philosophical and mental ramblings. Theodore Dreiser – Sister Carrie Audiobook Free Online. So, this is a minor feedback. From start to finish I was completely occupied with this story about growing up of a youthful and alluring young lady who must rely on upon herself and her own particular ability and resourcefulness to get by in an unfriendly situation. The Kindle version is well done and the cost is absolutely right – that is, free on Amazon Kindle.