Stephen King, Richard Chizmar – Gwendy’s Final Task Audiobook (Online)

Stephen King, Richard Chizmar – Gwendy’s Final Task (Gwendy’s Button Box Trilogy, 3) Audiobook Free

Stephen King, Richard Chizmar - Gwendy's Final Task (Gwendy's Button Box Trilogy, 3) Audiobook Download
Gwendy’s Final Task (Gwendy’s Button Box Trilogy, 3) Audiobook

This third book in the trilogy, as the title suggests, wraps up the story and brings Gwendy’s story to an excellent and satisfying close. Constant Readers will be happy to see a lot of Easter egg-like references to other King works, such as those in the Dark Tower or Maine mythos. I added the numbers to the safe-box combination, and they came out to nineteen. It is the first work of King that I find most frightening. It deals with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, which I consider to be the most terrifying affliction. It seems that the majority of negative reviews for the novel are posted on this site. Stephen King, Richard Chizmar – Gwendy’s Final Task (Gwendy’s Button Box Trilogy, 3) Audiobook Online. This is likely due to the fact that the reviewer was so critical of the political content. Trump is mentioned severally, as well as the coronavirus. This virus is said to be real and a serious concern. I believe that this bears witness to the current political divide in the country. It is also addressed in book. It is indeed a scary time, but there are other worlds.

Gwendy, a 12-year old girl, meets Richard Farris, a stranger who gives her a box to keep safe. Gwendy is able to get silver dollars and chocolates from it, but it’s more dangerous than she could imagine. Pushing any of the seven buttons in the button box will cause death and destruction. Farris returns the button box to her after 10 incredible years.

Gwendy, a 37-year-old novelist and state representative, returned with the button box once more. This time, it was under Gwendy’s control during a very sensitive time in her own life. Even though it was only for a brief period of time during the holiday season she is again forced to deal with the evil temptations that come with having the button box in her life. She also helps local law enforcement search out missing teenage girls, and her mother with a fatal illness.

Gwendy, a 64-year-old senator, is being visited by Richard Farris again. He is in his final days and needs her assistance once more. The button box is losing its ability for good, and the evil side of its nature is becoming stronger and more powerful. Gwendy is told by Farris that the box must be destroyed. This seems impossible. Gwendy is shocked when Farris shows her how it can happen. She finds herself in a place she never imagined and going further than she has ever experienced.

Thoughts and Reflections: The first Gwendy was a worthwhile and interesting read. The second book was slightly better and covered more of the button box mythology. The third book, however, was a revelation! Wow! Again wow! I was overwhelmed by this book and completely drained. It was surprising in many ways.

King and Chizmar’s writing flow so well together, it is difficult to tell who wrote which parts. The reader is treated to a single writer’s work, which makes it feel like one author wrote it.

Another reason was the way in which the plotting connected multiple storylines in such a creative, amazing way that it completely caught my attention. Gwendy’s journey into space was something I was afraid of when I began the book. King and Chizmar changed my mind within thirty pages. They also accomplished it with great success. I won’t say more and would be remiss if I ruin the amazing story and the intricate puzzle that connects them all. I won’t reveal a surprise that will make King fans wet their pants.

This was for me the best and most satisfying ending Gwendy, the button box and I could have hoped for. It was the only way that would have worked. This was the best way to handle the mystery of the button box’s mythology. While not all is covered, there is enough to help us get to the end. This is due to Gwendy, our hero and her long journey to do right.

Other Notes: This book is part of a trilogy. King and Chizmar wrote the first book, a novella, “Gwendy’s Button Box”, in 2017. King claims that he started the novella as an unfinished story and was having trouble making it work. Chizmar read the novella and added material to it. King then sent it back. King reviewed it and made some changes. Then he sent it back to Chizmar. The co-writing process continued for about a month, King reading it, making additions and edits, then sending it back to Chizmar again. Their creation transformed from a short story into a novella.

Chizmar wrote and published “Gwendy’s Magic Feather”, a sequel, in November 2019. King was the forward. They reunited to create the third entry, making it a trilogy.

Overall, this was the perfect end to the Gwendy box box trilogy. It was also the only one that made sense considering the history of the mythology. It was a complex, creative book that I devoured. I often found myself reading it late at night and putting aside other tasks to finish it. This is how to end a trilogy and leave an impression on the reader’s memory and mind.

It would be an amazing journey to travel with Stephen King just for one day. His writing has been a favorite of mine for a long time. It and The Shining still rank among the scariest books that I have ever read. Stephen and Richard Chizmar wrote Gwendy’s Final Task. They write smoothly together. They are a great writing team. Keith Minnion’s illustrations add a unique dynamic to the book. Gwendy’s Final Task, the third book of Gwendy’s Button Box Trilogy, is Gwendy’s Third Task. It was a good stand-alone book that I enjoyed, although I will be returning to the first two books of the series.

Gwendy Peterson, a 64-year old senator and author, is known as Gwendy. A secret box was given to her by a mysterious person. It contains dark forces she must destroy to save the world. Gwendy is already in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and has memory problems. Is she capable of completing her complex mission to rid the evil world?

What I enjoyed:
This book is a unique read that takes the reader on an unforgettable journey unlike any other. Stephen King at his best, and he has the gift of creating captivating plots. This book is a riveting read. It was an amazing ride that captured my imagination.

What I didn’t like:
There are many political jabs in the book. As a reviewer, my job is to find the right audience for the book. Many will find this offensive. Some may skip Covid 19, which is a tedious subject in the plot. I believe the constant theme of Alzheimer’s disease was chosen to convey the main character’s struggle. It was easy to read and I understood the writing style. However, the audience might find it a little too complicated depending on their personal preferences. Finally, the reference to an obnoxious and fat closet homosexual could be a problem for readers.

My thoughts:
This book is not recommended for everyone. If you are able to ignore the warnings, you’ll find an amazing book that will take your mind on the most incredible journey of your life.

Although it was interesting and entertaining, I found it odd to tie Gwendy even further into the darker aspects of Dark Tower. Although the larger mysteries were not explained, there was never much tension. This trilogy should not have been made; the first book was fantastic, and the second two were more exciting than thrilling.

Gwendy Peterson was twelve when Richard Farris, a mysterious stranger, gave her a box to keep safe. Gwendy’s Final Task Audiobook Streaming. Although it offered treats and coins from the past, it was very dangerous. Pushing any one of the seven buttons would result in death or destruction.

Gwendy was reintroduced to the button box many years later. She was a successful author and a rising political star. Once again, she had to face the temptation of that button box.

Evil forces are now trying to take the button box, and Senator Gwendy is responsible for keeping it from them. At all cost. You can’t hide anything from these powerful entities.