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Stephen King – Misery Audiobook Online Free

Stephen King - Misery Audiobook Online Free
Stephen King – Misery Audiobook


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Stephen King – Misery (read by Lindsay Crouse)

Thrown from the part of his ’74 Camaro, Paul Sheldon, author of a bestselling series of historical romances, wakes up in the future in an exceedingly secluded Colorado house closely-held by Annie Wilkes, a psychotic ex-nurse United Nations agency claims she is his darling fan. Immobilized from the pain of 2 shattered legs and a crushed knee, Sheldon is at Annie’s mercy.

Unfortunately for Sheldon, Annie is mad; mad that he killed off her favorite character, Misery Chastain, in his latest book; mad that he needs to escape; and after all, mad within the most extreme clinical sense of the word. Stephen King – Misery Audiobook Free.

To set the planet straight, Annie buys Sheldon a serial printer and a few paper, drugs him, locks him in an exceedingly space, and forces him to bring Misery back to life in an exceedingly novel dedicated to her. concern of physical torture is Sheldon’s greatest motivation. One wrong sentence and she or he is probably going to smash his legs with a sledgehammer, cut his thumbs off with a saw, or much, much worse. however writers have weapons too. . . .
I have ne’er browse something written by Sir Leslie Stephen King as i do not significantly like that genre. however a disciple insisted that I browse Misery, and that i was amazed by King’s skills. i used to be hooked from the terribly 1st page, and Misery could be a book that may haunt yours days and nights long once you’ve got finished.

Paul Sheldon could be a common author celebrating the completion of a brand new book, once his automobile bangs a mountain road in an exceedingly storm. He finds himself with shattered legs, being command captive by a former nurse, Annie Wilkes. Ironically. Stephen King – Misery Audiobook Download Free. Wilkes simply happens to be his darling fan. whereas she’s nursing him back from close to death, Wilkes reads his latest book, wherever he kills off his common character, Misery Chastain (a sappy, high-drama character whom Sheldon has return to loathe). She decides that Sheldon can write a brand new novel (just for her), within which he brings Misery back from the dead. And believe me-Wilkes has her strategies to stay Sheldon writing! Sheldon presently discovers that he is like Scheherazade, and therefore the best thanks to keep alive is to stay the stories returning. Wilkes could be a true sociopath, and therefore the mind games that Sheldon plays can have you ever riveted. His final goal is to flee, however Wilkes is one shrewd character, and his obtaining out alive is slim at the best.

Misery succeeds on such a large amount of completely different levels. Stephen King – Misery Audiobook Online. The characters ar therefore okay developed. In attempting to work out the way to touch upon cyclone Annie, Paul additionally learns a lot of regarding himself whereas he’s attempting to survive. Misery is crammed with legion symbolism-especially within the writing of his new book, Misery Returns. King additionally offers USA a decent verify the art of writing. He talks regarding the distinction between a hack, a well-liked author and a literary author. whereas King is definitely a well-liked author United Nations agency is typically defendant of being a hack, Misery reads additional sort of a work of literature. we tend to see what typically motivates a author to jot down, and that we will solely imagine the passionate, half-crazed fans that any common figure should trot out. it is also fascinating to visualize however readers take possession of fictional characters, and the way agitated they will become over their ending. Also, as ugly the maximum amount of this book is, Sheldon still will see a lot of humor and irony in his state of affairs that lightens the load simply a small amount.
I ne’er expected to relish Misery (or any Sir Leslie Stephen King for that matter) the maximum amount as I did. It definitely will not be my last. Stephen King – Misery Audiobook Youtube.

This is an amazing book and that i hate to offer it something not up to 5 stars, however I conjointly feel that I ought to warn potential patrons of the KINDLE version solely.

I have each the physical copy and therefore the Kindle version (I’m weird, whatever). The physical copy incorporates a totally different font for the Misery Chastain chapters with the Ns, and eventually E and Ts (I think) stuffed in by hand.

Not solely will the Kindle version not replicate this even with mini footage (booooo!), it’s a horrid uniting of typos. The written N becomes “n.” or “r.”. “Misery” for a few reason becomes “Miser”. Brings a full totally different aiming to the book, do not it? There are various typos scattered throughout the conventional elements of the Kindle version that don’t seem within the physical copy. Stephen King – Misery Audiobook Full.

Being well once the come date of my Kindle version, i am forced to affect it. And by “deal with it”, I mean return to my physical copy, one thing I should not got to do. will anyone grasp of something we are able to do? powerfully worded e-mails? Angry faces? Intense displeased at our Kindles?

If this has been mounted, then yaye! If not, you’ve got been warned.
It’s common data Stephen King will take an easy plan and switch it into a five hundred,000 word marathon; it’s one amongst the explanations MISERY is one amongst my favorite King novels, because–for a change–King gets into the meat and potatoes of his story from the primary page (and he does not still till the last). Consequently, the novel is one amongst his shorter works.

The beauty of this book isn’t such a lot the helplessness and horror of being captive to Annie Wilkes because it is that the inner workings of Paul Sheldon’s brain. Bestselling author of the Misery Chastain series (a character he has come back to loathe), Paul talks to himself throughout his ordeal in Annie’s mountain chain part. This self-dialoge is absorbing, diverting, and sometimes downright funny. In fact, the zany undertow throughout the book makes Annie’s “behaviour” even additional frightful and frightful. Stephen King – Misery Audio Book Free. Nothing like copping a chuckle whereas Annie is wielding Associate in Nursing axe or being harmful on a riding lawnmower; nonetheless King pulls it off, page once page.

I’m Associate in Nursing representative reasonably guy, and that i can not help however suppose MISERY could be a novel regarding Stephen King himself and therefore the hell he was putt himself through throughout his drug abuse days. Writing, euphoria, pain, addiction, terror: all were modish for each Paul Sheldon and Stephen King within the Nineteen Eighties. MISERY is King at his dysfunctional best.
–D. Mikels, Author, THE RECKONING
This is my initial Stephen King novel and that i got to say, I loved it.
SUMMARY: Paul Sheldon, a bestselling author gets into a automotive accident. His favorite FAN, Annie Wilkes, takes him into her home and nurses him back to health. In a way. Holding him captive, she makes him write his greatest novel only for her. Stephen King – Misery Audiobook Free Online.
UPS: This book incorporates a ton of detail and extremely causes you to want you are right there with Sheldon, keeping you on your toes. it’s suspensful the entire method through and gets even additional spine-chilling towards the top.
DOWNS: regarding forty pages of the book is that the book that Paul Sheldon is writing. It gets a bit boring reading these elements and there does not appear to be any importance in reading them.
OVERALL: This book is tough to place down, indeed. albeit i have never seen the show, the image I had of Annie Wilkes was specifically that of Kathy Bates. It took American state solely a couple of days to browse and that i extremely enjoyed it. i like to recommend this book to anyone who’s going for a decent horror novel.