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P. W. Singer, August Cole – Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War Audiobook (Online)

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Ghost Fleet Audiobook

This is Singer’s first crack at writing fiction and also it reveals. So before diving into the extra substantive review of the ideas, below are my problems with this book as a book: To begin with, there are way too many personalities, all of them either underdeveloped or lazy caricatures. Even if you monitor them all, you never ever actually feel bought any one of them as well as subsequently do not care what happened to them. Second, the dialogue is shocking. The conversations of seafarers and also prostitutes in the novel (as visualized by a couple of academics in their DC Think Tank) resembles listening to Michael Scott from The Office describe what life is like behind bars. P. W. Singer – Ghost Fleet Audiobook Free. Third, Singer simply can’t help himself with army lingo, phrases, as well as the phonetic alphabet. It is so pervasive in the novel that it just feels like he is attempting to flaunt his substantial expertise concerning armed forces tool systems. Ultimately, the ending is an overall frustration. It just suddenly finishes mid-battle and afterwards leaps to a brief epilogue letting you know we have actually just chosen to go back to the way things were before the battle.

Currently onto the much more substantive review of Singer’s sight of future battle. Obviously, no one can inform you specifically what war is mosting likely to appear like in the future, however I’m fairly positive it will not look like the future world war as visualized in this story. Before I can go into my details criticisms, let me provide you a short summary of the plot. *** [LOOTER WARNING] *** An unclean bomb goes off in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and is rarely mentioned once again. A military Directorate overthrows the Communist Party in China. With Russian help, China attacks Pearl Harbor with storage tanks and also drones off an industrial freight ship. They shoot down all American satellites with lasers from their space station. They damage the entire UNITED STATE Pacific Fleet, make all our F-35 stealth aircraft unusable through endangered integrated circuit manufactured in China, and they uncover a way to detect and also track our nuclear submarines providing them inefficient. Our allies desert us (NATO disbands and also we seemingly abandon Japan). Following this absolutely destructive strike, America’s ideal action is a number of Red Dawn wannabes incoming a revolt in Hawaii (complete with a psychologically unstable surfing assassin prostitute). We reanimate retired airplane and also navy ships from the boneyard/reserve fleet (the principal one being a speculative destroyer with a rail gun). We bring back a bunch of old retired people to train the millennial draftees (consider that cheesy scene in the film Battleship). We provide nukes to Poland in exchange for diesel submarines as well as send out an eccentric Australian billionaire space pirate up to capture the Chinese spaceport station. With our ghost fleet, we release an amphibious intrusion and also recapture Hawaii. The battle ends status quo stake bellum.

It is quite obvious that the circumstance is absolutely nothing more than a background for discovering the technology concerns of rate of interest to the writers. Unfortunately, the whole scenario is so impractical it in fact undermines his attempt to alert us concerning our technological dependence. There are a lot of geopolitical issues with his scenario. First, Russia is terrified of China. There is absolutely no reason they would certainly conspire with China to make them even more powerful. Russia may hate the United States, yet we’re not in their backyard about to overflow their sparsely inhabited southern boundary. Second, Japan as well as China are temporal opponents with animosities going back centuries. In no conceivable cosmos would certainly a Japan delegation be going to seminars with Chinese authorities in busy Hawaii in the middle of a World War. Third, I find it improbable that the rest of the world would certainly rest by while China and also Russia strongly overthrow the present worldwide order. If he wants to have NATO liquify for the objectives of having the US go it alone in his tale, penalty. But you assume the nations of Europe are simply mosting likely to state “that’s trendy” and take place treating China and Russia like regular trading companions? If China overcomes United States region with such impunity, you do not assume the nations of Europe would certainly be horrified that Russia would certainly attempt the exact same against them? I’m sorry, worldwide relations between every Western country and also China/Russia would certainly be irreparably damaged.
Innovation is the emphasis of the story. A few of the issues they elevate right here are interesting, others farcical. On the foolish side, we have their attraction with Google Glass-style “viz-glasses”. I’m rather certain that craze passed away prior to it also got off the ground. Perhaps it will certainly make a surprise return one day when humans are much less vain, however its inclusion as well as midpoint to so much of the plot simply makes the authors seem like they are equally as clueless as everyone else when it pertains to future innovation patterns. For some weird reason, there is a Klingon-speaking prostitute with “biomorphic” inflatable boobs. Seriously, what’s the take care of that? It is so hard to take the remainder of the publication seriously when dumb stuff like that is included. A 3rd silly angle is the Chinese as well as Russians inventing some Star Trek-esque method of tracking our nuclear submarines. If the authors are truly attempting to visualize war in the future, their addition of this magic option just diminishes any real exploration of what the naval combat zone will in fact appear like. 4th, apparently in the future we are absolutely awesome with all our soldiers as well as sailors taking medications. In a loads approximately scenes, taking “stims” is talked about as if it was as benign as alcohol consumption coffee.

The tale does check out some worthwhile technical problems. Because the United States has not had to combat a peer rival given that WWII, it is worthwhile to discover how we would run without air prevalence or the modern technology we have actually come to be so based on (GENERAL PRACTITIONER, stealth, etc). I’ve currently ranted enough about the GPS angle above so I will not defeat that dead horse any kind of longer. In the novel, our F-35 competitor aircraft are provided susceptible to attack by jeopardized computer system elements produced in China. It’s not truly a new idea Battlestar Galactica essentially revealed the same thing back in the 2003 miniseries (a decade before this publication) in much more convincing style. With a lot of our modern technology produced abroad (as talked about in the financial section above) this is a reputable problem as well as something we need to be checking out. Associated with this, the writers have Wal-Mart pertain to the rescue, producing parts via 3D printing. Ghost Fleet – A Novel of the Next World War Audio Book Download. It is an interesting concept and also I do wish it was given more than a brief reference in the book. I’m really curious regarding how reasonable it is to standardize needed parts using these strategies and dream there was more information on it. Drones, facial acknowledgment algorithms, as well as cyber attacks are several of the a lot more reasonable technological elements in the book and were a great incorporation. Weaponizing area has been a contentious topic in the area area. I such as that Singer included this aspect, yet wish it was based a little bit extra in reality. Sending out an eccentric billionaire up as a room privateer (instead of just destroying this Death Star-like spaceport station) just seemed ridiculous.