Kelley Armstrong – A Rip Through Time Audiobook

Kelley Armstrong – A Rip Through Time: A Novel Audiobook

A Rip Through Time Audiobook By Kelley Armstrong Audio Book
A Rip Through Time Audiobook By Kelley Armstrong Audio Book



“Rip Through Time” is the fourth book in the “Timeless” series by Kelley Armstrong, following the adventures of time-traveling teen twins, Kate and Matt. In this installment, the siblings find themselves in 1920s Chicago, where they must stop a dangerous group of criminals from altering the course of history.

Kate and Matt are summoned to Chicago by their friend John, a member of the Time Society, who is investigating a mysterious artifact with the power to manipulate time. Kelley Armstrong – A Rip Through Time Audiobook Free. Upon their arrival, they discover that a notorious gangster named Al Capone is also after the artifact, hoping to use it to eliminate his rivals and become the most powerful criminal in the city.

To stop Capone and his men, Kate and Matt team up with a group of fearless women who run an underground speakeasy. With the help of their new allies, the twins navigate the dangerous world of Prohibition-era Chicago, battling gangsters and corrupt cops as they race against time to prevent Capone from altering history.

As they delve deeper into the conspiracy, Kate and Matt uncover a shocking truth about the artifact and the Time Society itself. They must confront their own beliefs about the nature of time travel and the responsibilities that come with such power.

In the end, Kate and Matt emerge victorious, but not without cost. They must grapple with the knowledge that their actions have consequences, both in the present and the past.  A Rip Through Time Audiobook Download. With their bond stronger than ever, the twins set off on their next adventure, ready to face whatever challenges time may throw their way.