Karen Marie Moning – Spell of the Highlander Audiobook

Karen Marie Moning – Spell of the Highlander (The Highlander Series, Book 7) Audiobook

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Spell of the Highlander Audio Book



A couple years earlier, I uncovered a remarkable writer( Monica McCarty). When I completed with her books, I asked her that her “best” writers were. Monica’s response? Karen Marie Moning. Since my library just had this publication by her, this is what I check out. Wow, Cian is one hunky middle ages male. Karen Marie Moning – Spell of the Highlander Audiobook Fee. I quickly returned this publication and also acquired the entire series.

This publication concentrates on Cian MacKeltar, a 9th century druid that is caught in a mirror. a mirror that is an Unseelie Hallow (a fae created relic).

Jessi is a college student that unintentionally sees Cian (aka the sex god) in the mirror. What she really did not recognize was that her professor had actually acquired this antique mirror after it was stolen from Lucan throughout a power blackout (that is mentioned in the Fever series), an additional old druid. Well, he desires it back. Lucan sends assassains after anybody who has had any contact with the mirror. Cian determines to assist Jessi, so he tells her the spell to launch him from the mirror. Trouble is, she assumes it was simply a desire, because extremely warm sex-gods don’t reside in mirors and assist random college student, right? Totally a desire.

However, if Cian is without the mirror, its only temporary. And also there’s no collection time-the mirror is unpredictable and also recovers him after a few hours, or after a day. It’s never ever constant.
Jessi St. James is a PhD student with no life. Her supreme objective is to complete her degree and get into the area to experience the history she has examined carefully for years. While she covets the people around her that have a sex life, she knows that when she completes her dissertation, she will certainly be able to discover that aspect of life a bit extra not that any individual she has dated in the past has lit any type of fires of need in her. Yet possibly she’s just fussy and too preoccupied with her occupation to focus on any kind of sort of charming relationship today. As if on cue as she contemplates her lack of social life on a Friday evening, she gets a call from her professor who tells her to go to the office as well as sign for some strange artifact in his stead as he is unable to make it there in time. When the giant crate the deliverymen drag into the workplace reveals a massive mirror with Celtic signs more old than she has actually ever before seen, Jessi is attracted. As she secures for the evening, she swears she sees a half-dressed warrior in there but no one is around. Believing her continuous fatigue has finally caught up to her, she locks up and heads back house. But Jessi quickly discovers that there is much more to the mirror and the man within … as well as when her actual life is endangered, she has no person else to turn to yet the mysterious barbarian behind the glass.

Cian MacKeltar was fooled into the Dark Glass 1,133 years ago when a guy he thought to be his buddy (Lucan Trevayne) entraped him there. His supposed good friend is in fact a sorcerer that has actually tapped into the dark magicks to get everlasting life, but every 100 years, a tithe in the form of pure gold should be paid by passing it via the mirror to preserve his eternal life. The spell also makes Cian immortal, however he is entraped in the mirror unless the spell is damaged by either breaking the glass or maintaining the tax from being paid prior to midnight on All Hallow’s Eve. When the mirror is swiped, Lucan is desperate to locate it in time for the tithe to be paid … in just 22 days! Cian realizes the timely burglary gives him with the one chance he requires to avoid Lucan from executing his utmost evil plan: obtaining the book of dark magicks that will essentially make him unstoppable. When Cian spies the confused Jessi on the other side, he understands that Lucan will have sent out assassins after her to redeem the mirror and also eliminate anyone who recognizes of its existence; therefore, he has to convince Jessi to let him out of the mirror to help her. And also while he’s out … since he hasn’t tooped anyone in over 1000 years, he is chomping at the bit to get a taste of the lusciously curved beauty gazing disbelievingly back at him.

However what will happen if Jessi does allow the old warrior cost-free? Are his intentions genuinely noble, or is she letting loose a lot more dangerous entity than the one seeking her to reclaim the mirror? Why do triggers literally fly when Jessi is anywhere near Cian? Just how can she possibly be brought in to a male she not only does not know much concerning however one that thinks women are there to serve his individual requirements? Will Cian be able to thwart the dark sorcerer enough time to make it through the midnight target date a couple of week away? As well as if he can, is he happy to pay the rate for his timeless flexibility?
Although I know many love the entirety of Moning’s Highlander series, I found them to be hit or miss. A frequent reread for me, Spell of the Highlander, the last in the collection prior to the writer took the collection in an entire other instructions, certainly falls in the “hit” group.

The story basically begins when our heroine accepts a distribution for an unusual artifact while at the office. Aiding a professor while pursuing her PhD, Jessi St. James’s inquisitiveness obtains the most effective of her- specifically after the deliveryman compels her to assist him uncrate the thing before he leaves-visual verification needed.

The artifact, a mirror with old runes engraved around it, can not be as old as it seems- mirrors keeping that much clarity just weren’t around until the last century approximately. Yet when a mystical male enters the space requiring the mirror and also endangering her life, Jessi finds herself defending it. Suddenly, a voice is listened to requiring she launch a guy that takes place to be caught inside the mirror- a male held there for an extremely, very long time. Specific she’s fantasizing, she plays along as well as talks the words that will launch one Cian MacKeltar from the dark magic that holds him locked up within the mirror. (Yes, that would be the 9th century forefather of the infamous Mackeltar clan that inhabit the remainder of Moning’s highlander series!).

He, obviously, saves her from the ominous character intimidating her life, yet not before Jessi makes her tourist attraction to the hot, old highlander really noticeable- it’s a dream besides, why not taste the handsomest, most manly man she had ever before laid eyes upon?

All prematurely, she understands he is indeed not a delusion of her creative imagination which her life remains in very real risk. Spell of the Highlander Audiobook Online. Cian convinces her she has to return him- and the mirror- to his house land in Scotland so he can prepare appropriately for the end of the world that will need to occur in between he and also the man that imprisoned him. While there, they meet up with Drustan & Daegus (Kiss of the Highlander & The Dark Highlander) as well as their wives, and convince his offspring to assist them on their quest to launch Cian from his curse.

Naturally Jessi and Cian fall in love while doing so, a love Jessi believed would maintain him by her side, yet Jessi has no suggestion how far Cian will certainly most likely to be set free- until she sees him ready to surrender his life.