Jennifer L. Armentrout – A Shadow in the Ember Audiobook

Jennifer L. Armentrout – A Shadow in the Ember Audiobook (Flesh and Fire Book 1)

A Shadow in the Ember (Flesh and Fire Book 1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout Audiobook Download
A Shadow in the Ember Audiobook

I actually intended to enjoy this publication. Really. Since the initial 20% was so appealing. It was so similar to FBAA yet still it’s own unique job and it had a secret story beginning as well as the primary relationship really was enjoyable to review. That all transformed.

I presume maybe I simply don’t such as the entire learning about a new globe trope or whatever, but I am not exaggerating when I say 50% of this publication was globe structure and smut. I obtained so fed up with both. It began fine however it came to be repeated both means. The conversations resembled more full variations of the ones we saw in FBAA. Jennifer L. Armentrout – A Shadow in the Ember Audiobook Free. It really reminded me of TCOGB in the means absolutely nothing occurred in the center. Seriously. This book can have been lowered significantly. I missed a lot of parts as well as really did not miss a single point.
Sera started as a good MC however she undergoes zero change. Her advancement throughout the book is truly non existing. I believe I like Poppy more due to the fact that we can see her substantial growth with the series. For Sera she is less naive so I think she doesn’t have as much to learn? But either way the ‘spin’ at the end concerning who she actually is was so foolish as well as was really meaningless like can we stop.

Nyktos was so much far better than Casteel at the start but they merged into one by the end of the book so they truly are almost the same. He additionally remains the exact same throughout the entire book.

The romance was actually more lust like than love as well as there had not been any fluffy minutes really that make up romance for me so I can’t claim I enjoyed it.

All the side personalities melted together as well as none were just as good as Kieran, to make sure that had not been a selling point. It was nice to see Reaver as a tiny dragon though!

On the whole the plot was non existing, the enigma opened at first was failed to remember and after that clarified for at the end extremely quickly. The last chapter ultimately gave us something fascinating to talk about yet then the book ended.

So overall I was really disappointed in this but I’ll possibly check out the sequel because I hope it has more to do with the prediction at the end and also is therefore more interesting.
I promptly loved Nyktos as well as love just how much his story with Sera paralleled Poppy as well as Casteel’s. At first, I was a little unclear, yet when I recognized why the tales were similar I was SHOOK. I had to set my book apart for a couple of minutes and just breath. I was NOT expecting that and I have many concerns currently regarding what that means for the various other publications !? * flails *.

The love in this has just the excellent amount of angst and also JLA is the queen of giving us little tastes of what’s to find previously completely diving in. Some minutes in this publication are straight up intense.

I keep in mind JLA claiming she assumed Nyktos would give Casteel a run for his money as well as I need to be honest– not just do I feel it, I see it too. * whew * There is a battle in the 2nd fifty percent of this book in which Nyktos was providing me serious Geralt feelings as well as I was GLUED to my book. Yes, he has those broody, mysterious alpha hero vibes yet he additionally releases vibes like he’s the only adult in the room and he understands it. Like, there is no question he can finish the job. I enjoyed seeing a hero that had those alpha top qualities yet was likewise unbelievably fully grown too. It’s difficult, however it completely worked for me.

Needless to say, highly recommend this set if you enjoy From Blood and Ash (certainly) or various other steamy fantasy romance reads like Sarah J Maas, Danielle L Jensen, Laura Thalassa, Raven Kennedy, Scarlett St. Clair, as well as also Katee Robert. I would certainly still recommend starting with From Blood and also Ash before reading this, as I think it provides a far better introductory into the globe, but I do not think you’ll be let down if you enjoy the genre or the authors above!

I was so anxious that I wouldn’t appreciate this prequel as much as the Blood and also Ash Series, however I can not have actually been a lot more wrong! Sera and also Nyktos are fantastic characters on their own, however they’re perfection with each other! Their chemistry and banter gave whatever that Casteel as well as Poppy’s does, as well as I truthfully questioned which couple I liked more by the end of guide! If that’s doesn’t reveal you exactly how excellent A Darkness in the Ash is, I don’t understand what will!

I loved finding right in which this tale attached to the one we already know as well as like. It was a lot enjoyable to try to connect the dots as I check out. When I completed, I also went back over a big part of The Crown of Gilded Bones to complete all the missing out on pieces. There’s a lots of details in these books, so it was required for me to get the clearest total photo. It certainly included one more level of enjoyment for me. If you remember everything from the Blood and Ash series in the kind of extreme information that doesn’t require you to add this step, especially after a number of months have actually passed, after that I’m jealous of your mind! LOL.

I can’t reveal to you just how fucking ecstatic I am to see what the writer has in shop for us in the following installation of the Flesh as well as Fire collection! A Shadow in the Ember Audiobook (Flesh and Fire Book 1) Online. I’m similarly thrilled regarding obtaining more of Cas and also Poppy’s tale! I’m telling you, this series has me in a chokehold. I can’t get sufficient!

While the Rot discontinued for a time, the health issues returned when Seraphena was born, forcing the king and also queen (Sera’s moms and dads) to come up with a strategy. They think the only method to quit the Rot is to destroy the Primal of Death himself, and also Sera is the trick.

All her life, Sera is not only groomed to be Fatality’s bride-to-be, however an assassin with one objective in mind: make him fall in love, become his weakness, and also end him. If she stops working, she dooms her kingdom to a slow-moving demise at the hands of the Rot.