Jennifer L. Armentrout – A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Audiobook

Jennifer L. Armentrout – A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Blood and Ash Book 2) Audiobook

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Blood and Ash Book 2) by [Jennifer L. Armentrout] Audiobook Download
Jennifer L. Armentrout – A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Audiobook



I just ended up reading this book and also I’m assuming I review over 500 pages as well as what development has been made since the overall kickass From Blood as well as Ash? Not much. Nevertheless, I read it rather swiftly and wasn’t burnt out whatsoever. Nevertheless, it doesn’t should have 4 stars because it had its share of defects. Jennifer L. Armentrout – A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Audiobook Free. While they did not influence my satisfaction– most of the moment- they absolutely made me lower my score.

Regretfully, I can not review this book with no spoilers for the first one.

I’ll just make a listing of the pros and cons. I’m feeling too lazy to write comprehensible paragraphs.

Cons: this will not be a list but I want to say that I liked this book even with these and also I expanded keen on the personalities a whole lot.

Since I finished From Blood and Ash, A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire skyrocketed to the top of my the majority of anticipated sequels of 2020. FBAA is one of my preferred books this year and also the ending absolutely killed me. I REQUIRED to read more of Poppy, Cas, as well as this epic dream globe packed with gods, magic, and also vampires! The good news is, this much-awaited sequel did not disappoint. I loved being back with our primary characters, that have such wonderful banter and chemistry together, and also finding out more concerning this brand-new globe Poppy is finding.

AKOFAF actually picks up right where FBAA left off, with the wildest proposal ever before. Poppy is rightfully injured and mad at Casteel for his lies as well as betrayal, so their relationship, or what remains of it, is on thin ice. Now to add in a marital relationship? It’s crazy– yet it just may work. They both have something at stake and will certainly do anything, even wed each other, to reach their objectives. And in the midst of this marriage of convenience(!), Poppy additionally has to manage being an outsider and also hated by the Atlantians for being the previous Maiden.

I was anticipating a lots of angst and also tension after what took place in FBAA and also JLA dishes every one of that out SO well. I was really feeling a lot for Poppy as well as Cas– they don’t want to desire each other, yet the desire and also chemistry that created while they were Poppy and Hawke is still there and only gets stronger the more time they spend with each other. JLA nails the push and pull of the love, the hoping, the suffering, as well as the love. Poppy and Casteel are both amazing characters and also there was never a time I really did not favor them or want them to get their HEA. As well as I simply got ta say, our vampire royal prince hero is also hotter this second time around! I enjoyed him as Hawke however he’s means more engaging as Casteel.

We do obtain a lot more of the world-building, as expected in a fantasy follow up. There isn’t as much action and also the pacing of AKOFAF is absolutely slower, as it concentrates extra on expanding this fantasy globe and establishing Poppy and Cas’s partnership. However one of the important things I love about JLA is that her writing is so simple to check out. I never felt like there was too much info-dumping and regardless of just how much a lot more thorough and also thorough we get involved in the Atlantian world, I never ever seemed like I was lost reading it all.
ALRIGHT so my 2nd time around i had a lot extra enjoyable, i enjoyed all the characters even more than the first time and also it actually made the book more fascinating. i like the side personalities, delano and also naill, i intend to see even more of my kings in publication 3. this book had a lot of world building in the long run yet reading it a second time i didn’t care. this was soooo far better than my very first read.

When it comes to the romance, well, let’s simply say that I enjoyed the initial publication much more in this aspect. There was a lot of rejection and also mutual simping-but-not-actually-doing here, which was driving me up the walls. Sure, points get balmy and Poppy and also Casteel are turned on for each and every during, but there’s a lot of complication and also rejection, which occupies a great deal of page room, which after that slows down the story. Yet, I imply, a minimum of it got better? No, nope (view spoiler), nevermind.

While the world-building was decent in this book, the growth of the magic system was most definitely not. We’re given some history lessons which would have been interesting had they not been page-long info-dumps. While it is remarkable, no doubt, I make certain that all of the info about the gods and their magic and also exactly how it was passed down might have been relayed in a way that didn’t make me feel like I read from my textbook.

With this being the sequel to among my supreme favorites of the year I was nervous to see exactly how it would certainly live up and also I enjoy to say I LIKED it. JLA has actually been an author I have actually matured reading from the Lux collection to White Hot Kiss to A LOT OF more (she creates greater than I can breathe). I can not share to you just how spent I am with these characters, the story, and the love. While indeed this is a personality driven romance dream tale yet it never really feels forced. It really feels right and develops in ways that enable readers to correlate with previous things stated or it allows visitors to plot things out themselves. JLA has in this manner with her characters; primary, side, or villains that permit them to find conscious me, they as well as their relationships really feel so actual. The story has me preparing for the next web page or chapter to see what will certainly take place and THE ROMANCE.

I do not understand why Hawke isn’t genuine and also I still feel some sort of method concerning that. Like exactly how can he be every little thing I wanted and also extra in reality WHILE being fictional. A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire -Blood and Ash Book 2 Audiobook Online. I will certainly move on or else I might write about him as well as Poppy ‘pretending’ throughout the day.

She acted care free and also hostile with every person, with virtually absolute confidence, wishing to provide a “hard girl” picture, which wound up being frustrating and also illogical, with no repercussions whatsoever. Where is the brave as well as clever Poppy of the first publication? And allow’s not also discuss Hawke. The fascinating personality of the very first book ended up being flat and boring, with the exact same cringy lines and meddlesome behavior at all times.