Healing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook Online Free

Healing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook

Healing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook Online Free
Healing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook


Dr. Schulze discusses how to heal cancer and other ills naturally. This is also valuable information for the healthy, even all the advanced treatments Dr. Schulze recommends for advanced stage cancer patients are applicable to detoxify healthy people and improve health and general wellbeing. With the right foods and lifestile cancer can be avoided easily and healed in most cases by far. For evidence look for the work of Dr. Dean Ornish or William Li, both with publications in the lancet and other scientific journals. Dr. Schulze is on the fringe of this practice and not (yet) accepted as well by the medical community, but if you have cancer or just want to be healthy it’s good to listen to this and decide for yourself what route to take.. Be well!
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 Healing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook Online Free.

Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., M.H. is one in all the FOREMOST Authorities on Natural Healing and phytotherapy within the World. He operated Natural Cure Clinics in the big apple, Southern Calif. and Europe for nearly twenty years up till 1994. He still teaches throughout the us, Canada, Europe and Asia and has for the past 20+ years. He has designed Natural medical aid Programs, that have motor-assisted tens of thousands of individuals Worldwide to make MIRACLES and REGAIN their Health.

Healing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook Free.

When he was eleven, his Father DIED in his arms of a huge attack and at fourteen, his Mother DIED of a Heart Attack! They were each solely fifty five years previous. At sixteen years older, he was diagnosed with a Genetic INCURABLE Heart Deformity. when set himself of this alleged “INCURABLE” illness through changes in his Life-Style, and NO Surgery, he started out on a Mission to assist others. He continues this Healing Crusade these days through his daily work to show the reality, to REVEAL the UNLIMITED Healing Power of our being, to coach on the employment of Herbs and also the fundamentals of Natural Healing, to assist individuals to assist themselves and to show the Medical, Pharmaceutical and even flavourer Industries. he’s thought-about associate degree conceiver, a Purist, associate degreed even an EXTREMIST by several of his Colleagues, however to his Patients, he’s thought-about. Healing Cancer Naturally Audio Book Free. The person WHO has the center to mention and do what the others were AFRAID to mention and do”. within the field of Natural Healing, he DARED to pioneer NEW Techniques and Therapies, that went so much on the far side, what the general public thought attainable with medicine. the end result of his work has been the accomplishment of MIRACULOUS and unprecedented Results! His flavourer Formulae and “INCURABLES” Program ar used at Clinics Worldwide to assist individuals HEAL themselves from chronic Diseases like heart condition, Cancer, Arthritis, fasciculus illness and even HIV/AIDS and these Results have caused REVERBERATIONS in each the Natural and Medical communities!┬áHealing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook Online Free.

Dr. Schulze articled with the late Dr. John patron saint and schooled with him at his PRESTIGIOUS college of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah. He continuing to show at the varsity when Dr. Christopher’s Death for an additional twelve years. He has been the Director of the school of Herbology and Natural Healing within the uk for over fifteen years and is additionally Co-Director of the Osho college for Herbalists and Natural Healers in France and founding father of his own college of Natural Healing in Southern Calif.. He has schooled and lectured at various Universities, as well as Cambridge and Oxford Universities in England, Trinity Medical school in eire, Omega Institute in the big apple, Cortijo Romero in European nation and different Natural medical aid and flavourer Institutes Worldwide. He has been the Guest Speaker on various Radio and tv Shows within the us and Europe. As a lecturer, he’s wanted for his Intensity, Passion, and Dedication to Students, Sense of Humor, Creativity, and his EXCITING, evangelical and EVANGELISTIC Teaching Style! he’s MOST recognized for his unequalled understanding of Natural Healing!┬áHealing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook Online Free.

In the 1970’s, he was the Creator of academician Cayenne’s flavourer merchandise and, today, his line of yank biology Pharmacy weapons-grade Pharmaceutical biology Extracts. He has factory-made these flavourer merchandise within the us and Europe for over seventeen years and additionally styles flavourer Formulae for Natural Clinics and Natural Product firms Worldwide. His flavourer Formulas ar famed for his or her STRENGTH and EFFICACY!┬áHealing Cancer Naturally Audiobook Online.

He served associate degree office with the famed Natural expert, Dr. Claude Bernard Jensen. Besides having a degree in Herbology and a degree in Natural drugs, he additionally holds a degree in flavourer Pharmacy and 3 degrees in Iridology. he’s certified in eight totally different forms of Body medical aid and holds 3 Black Belts within the Martial Arts. He has written several Clinical analysis Papers on the Topics of biology Pharmacognosy, medicine and also the creating of flavourer Preparations. He has written for surface-to-air missile Biser’s famed newssheet, has done several Video and Audio Tapes and has co-authored Books in Europe.┬áHealing Cancer Naturally with Dr. Richard Schulze Audiobook Download Free.