F. C. Yee – Avatar, The Rise of Kyoshi (The Last Airbender) Audiobook

F. C. Yee – Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi (The Kyoshi Novels) Audiobook (Book 1)

F. C. Yee - Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi (The Kyoshi Novels) Audiobook Download
Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi (The Kyoshi Novels) Audiobook


Book 1: Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi Audiobook

Book 2: Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Shadow of Kyoshi Audiobook


After nine years of hopeless looking for the following Character, the exploration of young, enchanting Character Yun has actually brought stability to the four nations– that is, up until Planet Kingdom-born Kyoshi, Yun’s plain close friend and servant, shows exceptional bending during a goal to the South Post. With the identification of real Character at stake as well as the expanding discontent amongst her allies turning into violence, Kyoshi is compelled to get away the Character mansion with her intense pal Rangi, taking little more than the steel war fans as well as headdress her moms and dads left behind.

It isn’t simple searching for Avatar training on the run, however Kyoshi and Rangi discover unlikely advocates in the daofei: ragtag criminals and also criminals staying in the shadows of the Earth Kingdom. Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi Audiobook Free Online. Torn between complying with the standard path of a Character and also seeking revenge for those she has shed, Kyoshi struggles to approve her newfound power as she trains in key. But while Kyoshi, Rangi, and also her daofei close friends face off versus brutal underworld opponents, those who look for to regulate the Avatar draw ever before more detailed to her, leaving routes of the dead in their wake.

The story behind the longest-living Avatar in the history of this beloved globe, The Increase of Kyoshi maps Kyoshi’s journey from a girl of simple origins to the relentless pursuer of justice still feared and appreciated centuries after coming to be the Character.

Earthbender Jianzu and Airbender Kelsang are on a secret objective to locate the Avatar. The friends of the late Character Kuruk are attempting to satisfy their guarantee to discover the following Avatar and also do right by them. The only trouble is it’s been seven years, and they still can’t discover his substitute. They can currently really feel the rumblings of imbalance worldwide, yet the Earth Kingdom’s traditional identification approaches aren’t functioning.

That’s why both is deserting to a poor rural island called Yokoya to administer the Air Wanderer test in the Planet Cycle. It’s a trial run before they bring the concept to the elders. They fill a room with playthings, and the Avatar, theoretically, need to be drawn to the four unique toys in a remembrance of their previous lives. They do not make much development till the last kid, a high orphan lady named Kyoshi, manages to run off with the Character’s clay turtle. She’s the only kid who came close to among the four relics, as well as now it’s gone forever.

Fast forward several years, and also Kyoshi has actually been pretty much taken on by Kelsang as well as is now benefiting Jianzu as part of Character Yun’s house personnel. She does not earthbend as a result of some secret “little problem.” She’s still harassed by the citizens, however a minimum of she’s dressed and also fed and housed. She also has friends– Avatar Yun and also his firebender bodyguard, Rangi.

Character Yun is not squandering his time– pursuing pleasures around the 4 Nations or dying early like his former self– however living a life of relentless training and technique. Regardless of his best shots, he has yet to produce any kind of fire, but that’s just in between him, Sifu Jianzhu, Master Kelsang, as well as Madam Hei-Ran, his firebending instructor/the last of the Kuruk’s companions/Rangi’s mom. While Yun’s earthbending abilities are excellent, he has a whole lot to find out prior to he’s ready to conserve anyone because he hasn’t technically found out to flex any of the various other three components he’s expected to be a master of.

As part of his main Avatar obligations, Yun will certainly be meeting with the waterbending pirate Tagaka to sign a peace treaty between her “Fifth Country” of bandits and the rest of 4 Nations. It’s the only hope they have of conserving the entire village of Earth Nation citizens she’s been holding hostage. Desperate times ask for desperate actions, so Jianzu takes part in some Avatar misuse to attempt to aid things along with his firebending. It does not work.

On the other hand, Kyoshi hears reports things are not so close in between the politically smart (or power-hungry) Jianzu and serene monk. Considering that Yun isn’t anywhere near prepared for airbending training yet, Kelsang signs up with Kyoshi and also operates in the kitchen. He and also the staff play a game using a popular shanty, but when Kyoshi takes part, vocal singing random knowledgeables off the top of her head, Kelsang freaks out. He thinks she might be the Character. The words she randomly sang are the words Kuruk wrote in a rhyme he ‘d wished to give to the then recently wed Hei-Ran till Kelsang quit him. It’s difficult that any person else would recognize those specific words.

Kyoshi is puzzled because Yun is the Avatar, so Kelsang lets her know a little secret that might cast a shadow of illegitimacy on Yun:

” We ‘d honestly quit on locating the Avatar, thus numerous others. On the last day of our trip, we observed a group gathering behind-the-scenes of the town square. They were collected around a child with a Pai Sho board. Yun. He was hustling vacationers like us, as well as he would certainly made quite a bit of money at it as well. To offer his opponents self-confidence, he was running the blind bag gambit. It’s when your opponent plays generally, selecting their ceramic tiles, but you unload your own right into a sack and also mix them up arbitrarily. Whatever you attract each turn is what you have to play. An overwhelming advantage. What lots of people don’t recognize, and what Yun really did not know was that the blind bag is supposed to be a scam. You’re suggested to gear the tiles or the bag itself so you have a means to find the specific combinations you require.”

” Yet Yun wasn’t disloyalty. He was in fact drawing randomly as well as winning. We may have passed it off as a kid appreciating a string of luck, yet Jianzhu noticed he was attracting as well as playing Kuruk’s preferred strategies, turn by turn, down to the specific positioning of the specific ceramic tile. Video game after game he was doing this. He presented techniques and also traps that Kuruk explicitly kept secret from any individual but us. After what Jianzhu completed Xu Ping An as well as the Yellow Necks, it was as if a range of mountains had actually been lifted off his shoulders. Download Audio Book: F. C. Yee – Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi. . Any type of uncertainties he might have had completely vanished when he saw Yun earthbend. Granted, the youngster can relocate rocks like nobody else. If we determined the Avatar solely through a precision-bending web content, he would certainly be Kurk’s manifestation by far.”

He tells her even more secrets, of Yun’s firebending problems and Jianzhu’s extreme methods. He still feels Yun has the toughest instance for being the Character however additionally thinks they need to consider Kyoshi. This is way too much for her to handle, so she asks him to keep a trick for a while.

Kyoshi obtains welcomed to Yun’s service journey. Heading to the treaty finalizing, she has a poor desire entailing hooded figures with masks of running water, a deal “that would be broken the immediate it ended up being a trouble to support,” and also papers secured in oilcloth hitting her in the shins. Yun gifts her trademark attire.

Yun and pirate Tagaka satisfy, as well as she exposes some more secrets. Apparently Yun’s bending masters are likewise well-known awesomes. Jianzhu, aka the Gravedigger of Zhulu Pass, buried five thousand rebel Yellow Necks alive and terrified the remainder into entry. Hei-Ran holds the Royal Academy records for the most “unintended” eliminates throughout Agni Kais. Kelsang, aka the Living Tropical cyclone, summoned a storm that maintained a whole generation of pirates from leaving the Eastern Seas. Simply when points are getting strained, she excuses herself, leaving the trio with their mad and confused charges. The oldies assert they did what they had to keep equilibrium in an Avatar-less globe.

She runs into a drunk guy that attempts to hit on her. He assumes he acknowledges her from someplace, but the female he keeps in mind had snake tattoos up and down her arms. He’s obviously struck home since Kyoshi obtains additional mad, so we know there’s even more to the tale. The next day, they meet the pirates once again. Yun and also Tagaka undergo the movements of propriety and also the ceremonial details. Before they can actually sign the treaty, waterbenders surround them. It’s an ambush.

Yun is a captive, everybody is dying or powerless, however Kyoshi seethes. No one messes with her pals. She takes care of to flex the sea flooring approximately the surface of the water. “She was somehow both leading and being led by a military of benders.” This provides everyone else time to begin their counterattacks, and also they are able to defeat the pirates. Kyoshi passes out.

When she wakes up, Kyoshi has a little chat with Jianzu. Evidently she and Kelsang really did not fully describe her earthbending “trouble” to him. He understood she could not control small things but had no concept she can adjust giant slabs of earth. Apparently she would certainly just carried out a feat even the Gravedigger Zhulu Pass couldn’t do. Jianzu likewise talks to her regarding Planet Kingdom. He speaks about the splintered Earth Country and exactly how he’s the only thing holding the patchwork country with each other, not its worthless kings. He continues about how his influence reaches much past the Earth Kingdom and also the value of loyalty as well as the threats that take place when individuals question the Avatar’s legitimacy.

When he lastly stops talking, Kyoshi flees as well as finds out her close friends seethe at her. Obviously Kelsang told them their theory while she was resting. She’s mad at Kelsang, but he claims he had to tell them because she was passed out for 3 days. At least that clarifies her heart-to-heart with Jianzu earlier.

Kyoshi obtains advertised and also starts doing every little thing Yun does. They continue their teasing friendship and have a minute, so she understands points are okay between them. She stops working Hei-Ran’s firebending examination that deals with babies, however it’s not like Yun might do it either. Given that they don’t understand that the Character is, it’s time for an expedition, Earthbenders only.

Jianzu takes them to a remote hill and lights some incense so they can “exercise meditating.” Too bad it’s a trap. The scent incapacitates them, as well as their spiritual power brings out Daddy Glowworm, that looks much scarier than he sounds. Jianzu understands he and the past Characters have had background, yet determined times ask for desperate measures.

Yun’s poison training gives him sufficient toughness to purchase them a long time, however when the spirit creature exposes Kyoshi’s the true Avatar, Jianzu actually reduces his losses to save her as well as lets Yun become spiritual worm food. What far better way to resolve a love triangle than with fatality, right?

Kyoshi screams and also fire comes out of her mouth. She runs out of steam and obtains a risk from Jianzu concerning what’ll occur if she steps out of line. His lecture is disturbed by Kelsang and also Pengpeng, his sky bison. The two guys enter a fight, but while Kelsang’s simply looking to knock some sense right into his old good friend, Jianzu chooses the kill.] Kyoshi goes full-on Avatar state and also produces lots of destruction (that Jianzu somehow makes it through) and after that flies off right into the rain with Pengpeng.

She goes back residence to obtain her possessions. Everybody is as well frightened to interrupt her craze. She’s poor, so it doesn’t take too lengthy to pack. She doesn’t think to take the fundamentals like food as well as things. She breaks open her depository and also obtains a set of fans, a headpiece, and also makeup. Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi¬† Audiobook Online. Rangi joins her and also brings survival stuff like cash and water due to the fact that she’s a great friend/Avatar-guard. Kyoshi tries little earthbending and inadvertently breaks a decades-old airbender antique and the only memory she has actually left of Kelsang.

Back at the substance, Jianzu lies to Hei-Ran concerning what actually took place on Mr. Glowworm’s hill. Obviously Kelsang and Yun “vanished” because of a “treacherous spirit,” and Kyoshi’s holding an animosity against him due to it. Since that’s full blast outdoors, they begin plotting. They require to determine exactly how to obtain her back as well as what to inform the Four Nations.