Eric Schlosser – Command and Control Audiobook

Eric Schlosser – Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety Audiobook

Command and Control Audiobook By Eric Schlosser Audio Book Online
Eric Schlosser – Command and Control Audiobook





Command and Control was superb, if periodically cooling, listening. Guide takes the form of a thriller – flashing back between an accident at a projectile silo in Arkansas in 1980, as well as the background of the control of American nuclear weapons. The thriller ends up being a little a horror program as Schlosser demonstrates how commonly catastrophe was directly avoided, and the prospective consequences of a tragic mishap. Eric Schlosser – Command and Control Audiobook Free. There are numerous overwhelming facts along the road: the Davy Crockett nuclear anti-tank rocket had a blast span as large as its variety, the army periodically classified things so very the head of state could not see them, and also there were several occasions where a nuclear war nearly occurred.

The advancement of the Damascus Accident is particularly well-written, as is the tale of the development of nuclear technique and also command. As one customer in the LA Times pointed out, Schlosser is distinctly liberal, yet the heroes of the book (such as they are) are McNamara and also Reagan, that actually tame the nuclear beast, at the very least for a while. Likewise, there are fantastic explanations of the development of the atomic bomb, and also the technological information involved.

There are just a few weaknesses. Initially, the emphasis on bomb safety and security and also the last parts of the Damascus Mishap drag a little bit, making the last third of the book rather much less pointed and novel than the terrific very first part. Second, the book appears to slow after Reagan, barely providing whenever to the post-Cold War scenario, or to various other nations. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it implies that we invest most of the book in significantly high levels of problem, and are left without either a lot of conversation over just how to get to a much safer globe, or a clear sense of what the nuclear system resembles today.

Regardless, this is a wonderful read for followers of nonfiction and history, as it covers a massive amount of ground. And the final sentence is absolutely chilling and also revelatory.

This is a wonderful read but it will certainly scare the shyt out of you. Nuclear weapons + human mistake = utter disaster. I don’t learn about you however I constantly thought things as unsafe as nuclear weapons were managed with substantial over careful care. To find out that the people accountable of policy and those that actually manage them are no far better than those in your life that you fear lending your cars and truck to is a crap your trousers revelation.

This is an extremely well written book that you will favor to keep in mind as fiction but is certainly non fiction. Scott Block is an utterly perfect suit as narrator making this medication taste terrific. The revelatory nature of these realities must place this book front and center of our news media and zeitgeist, but thats not going to happen due to the fact that were all maintained entertained with bread and also circus and also no information media will certainly touch it. If your nerves are already at their limit with the state of things and also your plate is overruning, you may intend to hand down the discoveries consisted of here. If you can take it- its a drop jaw remarkable listen.

This book is not a bomb! It is a publication that I could not take down. I was a Nuclear weapons specialist in cavity at Ellsworth and also believe everything written to hold true. I was actually included and also understood of some “cases” that went unreported as well. In fact, my 28MMS Commander was called to come out at 3am after we had an electrical fire on the tug pulling 4 nukes after an alert. We put the fire out as well as no harm done … fire department just blocks away were as well terrified to come to the website as well as aid … for 45 minutes. Yet the Colonel never ever stated excellent work or many thanks for saving the base … he said “You 2 require a haircut … as well as maintain this under your hat”! That sort of pompousness and also non gratitude of what we had actually simply done triggered me to regurgitate my hands, turn myself in for drugs … as well as get out of the USAF. Had actually medicine screening been done, I make sure 90% of my squadron would still be in jail … the police officers, also! In training one more group dropped a bomb a few inches to its stand. We also had a tritium leak and an armed bomb on the trip line. The American individuals do not understand the fifty percent. This publication informs the very best.
” Command and also Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, as well as the Illusion of Security” is a book by Eric Schlosser, published in 2013. Guide explores the background of nuclear weapons development and the threats associated with their release, focusing on a particular event called the “Damascus Crash.” Below is a recap of the book:

1. Nuclear Weapons Advancement: The book offers a detailed account of the advancement of nuclear weapons throughout the Cold War, specifically in the USA. It explores the facility systems, plans, and also treatments that control these weapons.

2. The Damascus Crash: The central emphasis of the book is the “Damascus Accident,” which took place in 1980. Throughout this incident, a Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in Damascus, Arkansas, experienced a vital mishap that caused the explosion of its warhead. Schlosser meticulously examines the events leading up to the mishap and its repercussions.

3. Human Errors and Security Concerns: Schlosser stresses the function of human mistakes as well as safety concerns in nuclear weapons administration. Eric Schlosser – Command and Control Audiobook Download. He discusses the challenges of dealing with such complicated as well as hazardous modern technology and also just how close calls and also accidents were a lot more common than the general public understood.

4. The Illusion of Security: The book argues that there is frequently an “impression of security” bordering nuclear weapons. It highlights the inherent risks associated with these weapons and inquiries whether they can ever absolutely be taken into consideration risk-free.

5. Policy Ramifications: Schlosser likewise checks out the plan ramifications of nuclear weapons and also the requirement for boosted transparency, liability, as well as precaution in their monitoring. He elevates important questions about the knowledge of preserving such a large as well as hazardous nuclear arsenal.

6. Larger Implications: While the book is centered on the Damascus Crash, it utilizes this event as a lens through which to take a look at broader concerns associated with nuclear weapons and their control, consisting of the possibility for tragic crashes and the geopolitical ramifications of nuclear prevention.

In recap, “Command and also Control” by Eric Schlosser is a provocative book that clarifies the history and also integral risks of nuclear weapons, with a certain concentrate on the Damascus Accident. It challenges the idea of nuclear weapons being foolproof and also elevates important inquiries about their role in global protection.