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Dan Brown – The Da Vinci Code Audiobook (Robert Langdon)

 The Da Vinci Code Audio Book by Dan Brown
The Da Vinci Code Audiobook




In the Louvre, a monk of Piece Dei called Silas nabs Jacques Saunière, the gallery’s curator, and needs to understand where the Holy Grail is. After Saunière informs him, Silas shoots him as well as leaves him to die. However, Saunière has lied to Silas regarding the Grail’s location. Recognizing that he has just a few minutes to live and that he should hand down his important key, Saunière paints a pentacle on his belly with his very own blood, attracts a circle with his blood, and drags himself into the facility of the circle, re-creating the setting of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Dan Brown – The Da Vinci Code Audiobook Free. He also leaves a code, a line of numbers, and two lines of message on the ground in invisible ink.

A cops investigator, Jerome Collet, calls Robert Langdon, the tale’s lead character and also a professor of symbology, and also asks him ahead to the Louvre to try to interpret the scene. Langdon does not yet understand that he himself is thought of the murder.

After killing Saunière, Silas calls the “Instructor” as well as informs him that, according to Saunière, the keystone is in the Church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris. The Instructor sends Silas there. Silas complies with Saunière’s ideas to the keystone’s location as well as discovers that he has actually been deceived. In a fit of craze, he kills Sis Sandrine Bieil, the church’s caretaker and also a sentry for the Abbey of Sion. At the Louvre, Langdon satisfies Jerome Collet as well as Bezu Fache, the police captain, and also recognizes that the two police officers suspicious him of the murder.

Sophie Neveu, a representative of the division of cryptology and also Saunière’s granddaughter, gets to the crime scene and tells Langdon that he need to call the consular office. When Langdon calls the number Sophie offered him, he reaches her answering service. The message advises Langdon that he remains in risk as well as must satisfy Sophie in the shower room at the Louvre.

In the washroom, Sophie reveals Langdon that Fache is noting his activities with a tracking gadget. She throws the device out the window onto a passing vehicle, tricking the police into assuming that Langdon has actually gotten away from the Louvre.

Sophie likewise informs Langdon that the last line in the secret message, “P.S. Locate Robert Langdon,” was her grandfather’s means of alerting her: P.S. are the initials of her grandpa’s label for her, Princesse Sophie. Langdon thinks that P.S. may mean Abbey of Sion, an ancient league committed to the conservation of the pagan goddess prayer tradition, and to the maintenance of the secret that Saunière died shielding.

Langdon deciphers the 2nd and 3rd lines in Saunière’s message: “Leonardo Da Vinci! The Mona Lisa!” Sophie returns to the paintings to search for one more clue. The police have actually gone back to the Louvre also, as well as they apprehend Langdon. Sophie discovers an essential behind the Madonna of the Rocks. By using the paint as a captive, she handles to deactivate the law enforcement agent as well as obtain herself and Langdon out of the building.

As Sophie and also Langdon drive toward the Swiss bank determined on the back of the trick, Langdon discusses the history of the Priory of Sion and their military, the Knights Templar. He reveals that the Priory shields secret documents called the Sangreal, or the Holy Grail. Langdon’s most current manuscript has to do with this very subject.

When Sophie as well as Langdon go into the bank, an unnamed guard realizes that they are fugitives as well as calls the authorities, however André Vernet, the financial institution’s manager and a buddy of Saunière’s, identifies Sophie as well as helps her and Langdon escape. Sophie as well as Langdon identify that the number left near Saunière’s body must be the account number that will certainly open up the safe. When they open up the safe they locate a cryptex, a message distribution tool developed by Da Vinci as well as crafted by Saunière. The cryptex can only be opened with a password.

Vernet effectively smuggles Sophie and Langdon past Collet in the back of a locked armored car. Vernet activates them, but they manage to get away with the cryptex, which Langdon recognizes is in fact the Abbey keystone– that is, the trick to all of the tricks the Abbey holds regarding the area of the Holy Grail.

Langdon as well as Sophie go to the house of Sir Leigh Teabing, a historian, to request his aid opening up the box. Teabing tells them the legend of the Grail, beginning with the historic proof that the Scriptures really did not come directly from God but was put together by Emperor Constantine. He also cites evidence that Jesus’ divinity was determined by a vote at Nicaea, which Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, who was of royal blood, as well as had youngsters by her. Listen The Da Vinci Code Audiobook Free. Teabing shows them the hidden icons in The Last Supper and the painted representation of the Magdalene. He tells them that the Holy Grail is actually Mary Magdalene’s body and also the files that verify Mary’s blood line is related to Jesus. He says he believes Saunière and also the others might have been eliminated due to the fact that the Church believed that the Abbey will unveil this secret.

As Langdon is displaying the cryptex, Silas shows up and hits him over the head. Silas holds Sophie as well as Teabing at gunpoint and also demands the keystone, yet Teabing strikes Silas, striking him on the upper leg where his punishment belt lies, as well as Sophie completes him off by kicking him in the face. They connect Silas up.

Collet gets to the castle, but Sophie, Langdon, the bound Silas, Teabing, and also his servant, Rémy, getaway and also board Teabing’s exclusive aircraft to England. Sophie understands that the creating on the cryptex is decipherable if checked out in a mirror. They involve understand the rhyme, which refers to “a headstone praised by Templars” and the “Atbash cipher,” which will help them reach the password. Langdon bears in mind that the Knights Templar supposedly worshipped the god Baphomet, who is occasionally stood for by a big stone head. Words, unscrambled by the Atbash Cipher, is Sofia. When they open the cryptex, nonetheless, they find just another cryptex, this one with a hint about a tomb where a knight was hidden by a pope. They should find the orb that should have been on the knight’s burial place.

Fache recognizes that Teabing and the rest of them remain in the jet. He calls the British police and inquires to surround the landing field, however Teabing tricks the cops into believing that there is nobody inside the airplane however himself. Then he goes with Sophie, Langdon, Rémy, and Silas to the Holy Place Church in London, the burial site of knights that the Pope had eliminated.

Rémy frees Silas and discloses that he, also, adheres to the Instructor. Silas mosts likely to the church to get the keystone, yet when he attempts to force Langdon to give it up, Langdon intimidates to damage it. Rémy interferes, taking Teabing captive as well as thus requiring Langdon to quit the cryptex.

Meanwhile, Collet as well as his males check out Teabing’s residence as well as become suspicious when they discover that he has been checking Saunière. Over the phone, the Instructor instructs Silas to allow Rémy deliver the cryptex. The Educator meets Rémy in the park as well as eliminates him. The Teacher calls the police and transforms Silas in to the authorities. As Silas attempts to leave, he is shot, and also he inadvertently shoots his idolizer, Diocesan Aringarosa.

Silas takes Bishop Aringarosa to the medical facility and surprises into a park, where he passes away. In the medical facility the following day, Aringarosa bitterly reflects that Teabing tricked him into aiding with his homicidal strategy by claiming that if the Bishop provided the Grail to him, he would assist the Piece Dei restore support with the Church.

Sophie’s and also Langdon’s study leads them to the exploration that Sir Isaac Newton is the knight they are trying to find, the one hidden by a Pope, since they learn he was hidden by Alexander Pope. They most likely to Westminster Abbey, where Newton is buried. There, the Teacher tempts them to the garden with a note saying he has Teabing. They go there just to find that Teabing himself is the Educator. Teabing thought that Saunière had made a decision not to release the secret of the Abbey of Sion, since the Church threatened to kill Sophie if the key was released. Wanting the trick to be open secret, he had actually chosen to discover the Grail himself.

Teabing provides Langdon the cryptex and also asks Langdon and Sophie to aid him open it. Langdon identifies that the password is apple– the orb missing out on from Newton’s burial place. He opens up the cryptex and also secretly secures the papyrus. Then he tosses the vacant cryptex in the air, causing Teabing to drop his gun as he tries to catch it and also prevent the map inside from being destroyed. Instantly, Fache bursts right into the space and also arrests Teabing.

The papyrus inside the 2nd cryptex directs Sophie as well as Langdon to Scotland, where Sophie finds her bro and also her granny. During the reunion, she finds that her family is, indeed, of the bloodline of Jesus as well as Mary Magdalene. Sophie and Langdon part, assuring to satisfy in Florence in a month. The Da Vinci Code Audiobook by Dan Brown . Back in Paris, Langdon comprehends the rhyme, which leads him to the small pyramid developed right into the ground in the Louvre, where he makes certain the Grail must be concealed.
Captain Bezu Fache of the DCPJ suches as Langdon as the prime suspect in Saunière’s death, and all he needs is an unintentional admission at the scene of the criminal offense. He’s obstructed in obtaining one, however, since Sophie Neveu (Saunière’s separated granddaughter and also code-breaker extraordinaire) interrupts the procedure and smartly alerts Langdon that he remains in significant trouble.

Both of them take care of to escape the Louvre without being captured by the police … but not before they uncover a series of ideas left by her grandpa.

From there, Sophie as well as Langdon are led on a wild pursuit to find the keystone– a mysterious things that will inevitably lead to the Holy Grail. Ends up Saunière had been the head of a secret culture referred to as the Priory of Sion (say that five times fast) that praise the spiritual womanly and also protect the key of the Holy Grail’s true identity and also place.

You see, the holy grail’s not a wood mug like Indy Jones located: it’s actually the bones of Mary Magdalene, as well as files that show she had been the mother of Jesus’s kids. (Whoa. That adjustments whatever.) Currently it’s up to Sophie as well as Langdon to open his clues in order to discover the trick he’s functioned so hard to safeguard.

Along the road, while evading capture by the DCPJ and attacks from the albino monk Silas, they get the help of the Grail expert Sir Leigh Teabing. With each other they understand Saunière’s riddles and also choose responses all over London on a scavenger hunt to defeat all scavenger hunts.

As points establish, it ends up this entire charade has been coordinated by a shadowy number called the Instructor. (Sheesh, that’s a threatening name.) He’s the one who got Silas to kill Saunière, as well as he’s been drawing the strings with Silas’s advisor– the regrettable Diocesan Aringarosa– also, who’s a man who is desperate to save his traditional Catholic sect Opus Dei from extinction.

In a spin no person sees coming, we discover– just as Langdon decodes the last clue– that Teabing is the low Instructor. With the timing of a Swiss watch, Captain Bezu Fache takes care of to save the day. He ‘d understood he had the incorrect male thanks to a confession from the sheepish Bishop (who had actually recognized he and Silas had been played), and takes care of to locate and jail Teabing just in time.

With their names free from any kind of criminal offenses, and the final idea addressed, Langdon and Sophie head to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. There they’ll allegedly discover the Holy Grail, according to Saunière’s last riddle. Instead, however, they locate Sophie’s long-lost grandma and little brother, who additionally happen to be direct offspring of Jesus Christ and also Mary Magdalene.

Sophie’s delighted to lastly have household (after losing her grandfather, she assumed she was completely alone), however Langdon is pretty bummed that he really did not end up finding the Grail.

The good news is, Langdon pieces together Saunière’s final clue in a different means, as well as is struck by the understanding that the Holy Grail is actually concealed underneath the Louvre itself.