Cassandra Clare – Chain of Gold Audiobook (The Last Hours)

Cassandra Clare – Chain of Gold (The Last Hours, Book 1) Audiobook 

Chain of Gold Audiobook By Cassandra Clare Audiobook
Chain of Gold Audiobook



When Cordelia overhears James and also his parabatai Matthew reviewing the arrival of his long-lasting crush from out of town, Cordelia is surprised to understand he returns her sensations.

ames and Poise have had a secret connection considering that they were thirteen, spending as much personal time together as possible when the Herondales visit Idris on their semi-annual trips. They have actually matched by letters between visits and also have shared their thoughts and also dreams along with a few kisses throughout the past couple of years. Chain of Gold Audiobook Free Online. James greets Elegance and also continues to dance with her, with all thoughts of Cordelia apparently forgotten at Grace’s shock appearance.

A demon gets here during the ball, and also James’s cousin Barbara is assaulted. She claims she just passed out, though, and also everyone presumes it’s because her corset was as well limited. After it’s cut off, she appears restored as well as back to normal. Yet James recognizes differently because he had actually discolored right into his “darkness realm” prior to the assault and also saw something wind around Barbara’s ankle joint and pull her down.

The satanic force blood James received from his mommy Tessa has actually shown up in an odd method. He in some cases slips into this darkness realm, a various version of the real life with distorted photos of individuals and things around him in monochrome shades. Shadowhunters fear his special power, which caused his expulsion from the Shadowhunter Academy a while back. James can seldom regulate when the darkness power shows up as well as isn’t certain what triggers it, equally as it happens at the round.

The Shadowhunter teens go on as typical considering that most do not know James got on the darkness world neither that Barbara was assaulted. Hence they have their scheduled picnic the extremely next day. Cordelia pulls James apart to challenge him regarding leaving her stranded alone on the dance flooring, and he asks forgiveness a lot. He’s constantly felt an unique connection to Cordelia despite the fact that they only reach see each other sometimes. He utilized to also have feelings for her that surpassed relationship, when she assisted nurse him back to health when he acquired scalding fever years ago. But he was too young to translate what he was feeling. Either way, he’s sorry for abandoning her for Poise.

As they’re speaking, Elegance rolls up to the outing in a carriage. Cordelia tells James she knows he has feelings for Poise as well as provides him consent to leave their discussion to go greet her. Cordelia rejoins Lucie, Matthew, and a few various other close friends. They soon observe a dark cloud as well as wonder whether a storm is developing. Something seem unnatural about it, though, and after that a devil introduces out of the neighboring lake. Three adolescent Shadowhunters– Ariadne, Piers, and also Barbara– are badly wounded, and also most of the others suffer slight injuries in the fight that follows.

The hurt teens are rushed to Herondale estate to the clinical wing. Every person lend a hand to assist patch up small wounds. A number of Silent Brothers show up to attempt to heal the 3 teens most seriously damaged. When James gets a possibility, he steals his Uncle Jem (aka Bro Zachariah) away for a few mins to inquire about the resurfacing of his shadow capacities. He’s frightened of them, yet Jem is persuaded they are not dangerous and also can serve a function once they understand a lot more concerning them.

Lucie shares a secret with Cordelia: A boy she viewed as a young girl is back. She saw him at the ball when Poise and also her embraced mother Tatiana got here. No person else at the round appeared to see him, so Lucie examined him regarding it. The young boy informs her he’s a ghost, the seventeen-year-old Jesse Blackthorn who died of ailment 7 years earlier. His mom asked Downworlders to protect his body, so his spirit has continued to be caught in the in-between. His mommy and also Elegance can likewise see him, as well as he thought Lucie might only see him as a youngster. He marvels she can still see him six years later.

Lucie wishes to go visit Jesse at Blackthorn Mansion. She and Cordelia slip onto the grounds one evening. While Lucie slips into your home to search for Jesse, Cordelia strays into the greenhouse. She’s struck by a demon and saved by James, who had gotten on the darkness world once more. Cassandra Clare – Chain of Gold Audio Book Free. He saw a light far away and approached it, somehow understanding that it was the shimmer of Cortana, Cordelia’s popular sword. Sure enough, it was Cordelia, and also the two of them handle to eliminate the devil with each other.

Back in the house, Will and Charles Fairchild concern James regarding exactly how as well as why he was at Blackthorn Manor, but he won’t admit the genuine factor. He does not desire his papa to know he his sensations for Elegance or that he’s currently deliberately trying to travel into the darkness world. Charles claims James will not be reprimanded but encourages that he stay away from Poise and her home.

James obtains a note to fulfill Elegance. She says she’s in danger.

Cordelia check outs Anna, that informs her she’s going to need her help because they’re done in risk as well as the Territory won’t identify it. Matthew shows up to go along with Anna to a Downworlder meeting. Anna desires Cordelia to find, also.

Jesse shows up in Lucie’s bedroom to release a warning. He says the demon James and Cordelia eliminated in the Blackthorn greenhouse has actually spawned lot of times over. Jesse believes the brand-new satanic forces may go after James while he’s meeting with Poise.

Cordelia gains the Downworlders’ respect when she stops a mermaid named Arabella from poisoning their beverages. They will certainly keep their ears out about any demonic activity and will let the Shadowhunters know if anything surfaces.

Lucie runs to James’ close friends to ask for help in finding her brother and Grace. They head to Anna’s house and discover Alastair there searching for Cordelia. Matthew and Cordelia arrive a couple of minutes later, and the others quickly tell them James is in danger. Only Matthew would know where he’s meeting Grace because in her letter, she suggested to meet at the place Matthew and James used to go to practice their balance.

When Grace arrives at the river front, she asks James to forsake his Shadowhunter blood, run away, and marry her. It’s the only way she can escape her cruel mother. James silently considers it but decides there’s no way he can forsake his family, friends, or parabatai. Grace is angry at his declaration, but she’s cut short when a demon attacks.

There’s not just one demon; more are coming toward them. James’ sister and friends arrive with their weapons of choice and help him fight the pack of demons.

The strongest demon recognizes James. He asks why James is fighting against the creatures who worship his own grandfather. The demon calls Tessa’s demon father a prince of hell, which is a fallen angel as powerful as Raziel. James is shocked at the revelation. He lets the remaining demons go in the name of his grandfather as long as they go back to their own dimension. They will do so as long as no one present tells any other Shadowhunters about what transpired at the waterfront.

After they’re gone, Tatiana pulls up in her carriage searching for Grace. James begs Grace to come to the Institute with him. His father will grant her safe haven. Tatiana promises to produce evidence that Grace practices black magic and conjures demons– claims that would ruin her life and reputation– if she doesn’t come home with her.

When they get home, Will is entertaining a guest: Ragnor Fell. Tessa calls Will away to the infirmary, and Ragnor speaks with James and the other young Shadowhunters. He will help them by giving them the name of someone who might have answers: Emmanuel Gast. He only reveals the name after the promise they’ll keep it from the adult Shadowhunters. Tessa returns to the room to report horrible news: Barbara has just died.

Jem comes to visit James at his request, and Will leaves the two alone to talk. James tells his uncle what he’s learned about his grandfather’s possible identity and asks Jem to investigate. Jem knows someone he can ask but makes James promise not to speak about this to anyone until he returns with an answer. They hear visitors arrive and go to see who Will and Tessa are greeting. It’s an injured Shadowhunter, this time an adult. There’s been another demon attack, and someone they didn’t know well has died.

James visits Cordelia to tell her about Barbara’s death and the latest demon attack. They think this attack sounds similar to the others, where the demons seem to primarily want to bite and infect Shadowhunters with something and only kill as a last resort. James asks if Cordelia would come with him to meet up with Lucie and Matthew to visit Gast.

Gast’s apartment is vacant, so the four of them explore it. They find books on other dimensions, a drawing of a box with foreign runes on it, and the remains of some sort of wooden weapon covered in runes.

Then Lucie discovers Gast’s body in his bedroom. Gast’s ghost is there, too, and it recognizes her different blood. She questions the ghost and discovers it was hired by a cloaked, masked figure to summon the demons to London to kill Shadowhunters. He was killed by them as soon as they arrived. The ghost leaves on Lucie’s command once her questions are answered. She rushes outside for fresh air, and Matthew rushes to check on her.

The four head back to the institute and lie to Will and Tessa about where they’ve been. They question Jessamine about whether ghosts can lie to see if Gast’s claims were true. They hear a ruckus outside. Charles has arrived in a carriage, bringing Grace and a bloodied Tatiana to the Institute. Once Tatiana is being treated by the Silent Brothers in the infirmary, Grace pulls James aside to talk to him.

Lucie sends Cordelia after James since he’s been gone a while, leaving her alone with Matthew. She asks him about his drinking since she saw it effect his skills when they were scaling a wall to get into Gast’s apartment. Matthew is flattered that she’s concerned about him but then rushes out of the room in anger when Lucie says she just wants to make sure James’s parabatai is at the top of his game to keep her brother safe.

Grace tells James she’s marrying Charles since James wouldn’t have her. Charles was engaged to Ariadne– and Cordelia knows he has feelings for her brother Alistair– but he’s going to claim they broke off the engagement at her request before she was attacked. James is shocked by this pronouncement, but she won’t reconsider. She asks for her bracelet back before she departs. Something feels oddly, indescribably different when the bracelet leaves his wrist.

Grace finds Matthew and tells him what has transpired. Before she leaves, she seemingly holds Matthew in place with words alone and kisses him. She threatens to tell James about this kiss if Matthew ever breathes a word of their conversation to anyone.

Matthew finds James on the bridge, heartbroken and wanting to drink from the flask in Matthew’s pocket to drown his sorrows. He begins to feel oddly detached from the whole situation. The next morning, James feels like something has drastically changed. He remembers the emotional pain he felt yesterday but only as a memory. The hurt is gone.

Will and Tessa have gone with the Silent Brothers to transport Tatiana and the other remaining wounded Shadowhunters to the Silent City. Chain of Gold – The Last Hours, Book 1 Audiobook Free. Grace will be staying with a family near the City to be close to her mother.

Cordelia receives a letter from Charlotte, answering her inquiries about her father. He’s actually already been questioned with the Mortal Sword, which Cordelia was sure would clear his name as it requires the holder to speak only truth. Unfortunately, the demon attack has been erased from his memory, so he can not clear his name with the sword.