Ashley Elston – This Is Our Story Audiobook

Ashley Elston – This Is Our Story Audiobook

This Is Our Story Audiobook By Ashley Elston Audio Book Online
This Is Our Story Audiobook

Title: Echoing Through the Silent Woods: A Review of “This Is Our Story” Audiobook by Ashley Elston

Ashley Elston’s “This Is Our Story” is a young adult mystery novel that intricately weaves suspense, legal drama, and the raw intensity of teenage emotions into a rich narrative tapestry. With its audiobook adaptation, the story shifts from the page to an auditory experience that captivates the listener with its haunting atmosphere and complex characterizations, bringing a new level of engagement to Elston’s gripping tale.

Premise of the Story

“This Is Our Story” thrusts the listener into the chilling aftermath of a tragic incident involving five friends who go hunting but only four return. The death of their friend is shrouded in secrecy, with a pact of silence solidifying their bond. Enter Kate Marino, a high school senior interning at the district attorney’s office, who becomes entangled in the case. What unfolds is a riveting investigation that not only pushes Kate to confront her perceptions of justice and morality but also places her directly in the crosshairs of danger.

Audiobook Performance

The success of an audiobook often rests on the shoulders of its narrator(s), and in this instance, the narration excels in translating Elston’s written word into a compelling auditory narrative. The choice of narrator for “This Is Our Story” is particularly apt, managing to capture the distinct voices of the narrative – from the complex web of the male protagonists to Kate’s determined, yet vulnerable, perspective.

The narrator skillfully balances the varied emotional terrains of the story, from the tension of the unfolding mystery to the palpable grief and guilt that envelops the characters. Their articulation and pacing breathe life into the atmospheric descriptions and the rapid-fire exchanges of dialogue, immersing the listener in the murky depths of the mystery.

The Listening Experience

One of the most commendable aspects of “This Is Our Story” audiobook is its ability to maintain suspense through auditory cues alone. The pacing of the narration is deliberately measured, allowing the tension to build gradually, echoing the tightening coils of the story. Background effects and changes in the narrator’s tone effectively underscore moments of revelation and introspection, enhancing the overall listening experience.

The audiobook format also adds an extra layer of intimacy to the story, with the listener privy to Kate’s internal monologue and the conflicted emotions of the boys involved in the incident. This immersive experience is heightened by the narrator’s adeptness at conveying the nuances of fear, friendship, love, and loss that pulse through the narrative.


“This Is Our Story” by Ashley Elston, in its audiobook form, is a meticulously crafted mystery that engages the listener from the haunting opening to its breathless conclusion. The narrative’s strength lies not only in its plot twists and turns but in the depth of its characters and the moral complexities they navigate. The audiobook amplifies these elements, offering a listening experience that is both engrossing and emotionally resonant.

For aficionados of young adult mysteries and those new to the genre, this audiobook delivers a story that is as thought-provoking as it is thrilling. Ashley Elston’s narrative, paired with an expressive and nuanced narration, ensures that “This Is Our Story” resonates long after the final sentence is heard, making it a standout addition to any audiobook collection.