Annie Jacobsen – Phenomena Audiobook

Annie Jacobsen – Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis Audiobook

Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis Audio Book Download
Phenomena Audiobook




An interesting background of ESP and psychic’s in the military. I didn’t understand that the United States Military for ~ three decades had a secret ESP program, but this is a well researched book that obviously experienced a lot of declassified files as well as talked to people straight as well to inform the tale. I really hoped that it would shed new light on paranormal task as well as just how actual it could be/not be, as well as it did however just somewhat.

The book does a good amount of history of ESP and also federal government programs. Did you understand that mushrooms (the medicine kind) was discovered the CIA and examined in government laboratories? Funny to think of. The Nazis obviously had an entire ESP program as well.

However of course, the United States psychic program started the same way most federal government programs started: we listened to the Russians were doing it, and afterwards we needed to do it too in cold war age arms race design.

Among the more fascinating characters pointed out in guide was Uri Geller, that is a Israeli psychic who can do points like bend spoons and also read fundamental ideas from other individuals (like what number am I considering). Annie Jacobsen – Phenomena Audiobook Free. Currently, in the contemporary period, if an individual could actually bend a spoon with their mind you would think that would certainly be quite significant, as well as individuals would certainly have examined that in labs, as well as covered it. But standard google searches on Uri do not show up anything conclusive (that I saw) besides conflict and lack of clearness. There are videos on YouTube of him bending spoons yet maybe faked. So I have to conclude this is not possible. Though the writer declares to have actually spent time with Uri as well as observed him flexing spoons (as well as checking out minds) very first hand.

The most interesting element of the book was the description of the CIA’s remote viewing program. Remote viewing is where psychics use ESP to see remote locations on the planet. The CIA attempted to use it in military operations, to for example check out the within a Russian submarine factory, or locate a fugitive, or locate a kidnapped United States basic. The fascinating thing is that it type of worked – there were a few people that – sometimes – produced “8 martini results” (also known as results that blew your mind so you needed to go eat 8 martinis afterwards). This is what kept the program going with numerous years. But the concern was due to the fact that it wasn’t regular, the signal to noise ratio made the intel not workable for the military, so it was eventually closed. For example, they provided an example of a fugitive they were trying to catch, and they put 4 psychics on it, as well as among the four it ended up properly located him in a village in the middle of the US – yet the various other 3 were no place close. This, if true, is interesting. At the end guide thinks a little concerning how something may function – eg there could be a “power” throughout the globe you can use – or maybe related to quantum mechanics – especially quantum complexity. In the long run, it feels like there is more to discover here – but not a great deal of individuals a minimum of in popular culture are discussing or researching these locations – so I continue to be mainly a skeptic, but a little intrigued by several of this.

Location 51 is a have to review for anyone who wants the no-bullshit variation of what was opting for all the alien things, as well as let’s face it, alien things is awesome. Sensation is a have to for any person interested in what lengths world leaders have gone to in order to remain one action ahead of their opponents, including research study into magical super powers. Tax obligation bucks at the workplace, women and gentlemen. I do not directly believe in enchanting stuff, however there are recorded occasions in this book that I can’t describe and also apparently scientific research can not explain them either.

Guide is well written as well as carefully looked into. The author talked to many of the crucial people involved along with had access to recently launched declassified records. Jacobsen took a look at the Department of Protection’s research study into the paranormal. The main drive was taking a look at ESP and telepathy for usage by the knowledge firms. Along with the hunt for an ESP-enhancing medicines.
The writer consisted of lots of photographs to boost the tale. Jacobsen additionally gave a great introduction of the history of the paranormal. My only trouble with the book was with the footnotes/endnotes. Evidently, Jacobsen used a new design that I am not aware of. I am aware that over the years a variety of various styles have actually been created. I guess I simply obtained usage to one certain design. I simply found it a little bit challenging to use to seek out details.

Before evaluating, consider this, all “innovation is the product of the human mind. We live in an age totally transformed by the human brain, as well as yet human beings and their brains are still relatively the exact same. Celestial spaces is now known to human beings in means unthinkable in the 1950s. Internal space is still lodged at night ages. What awareness is, and how it operates in the brain, continue to be as perplexing to researchers today as chemistry was to early guy.” I believe everybody has intuition, premonition, or precognition to some extent.

Comprehending and finding brain abilities continues to expand annually. In 2014, direct brain-to-brain communication was accomplished on an international range. Annie Jacobsen – Phenomena Audiobook Online. Over a distance of 5,000 miles a coded message was effectively moved between human minds. Utilizing innovative neuro-technologies, scientists had the ability to directly transfer a thought from a single person to another as a sequence of small shocks to their brain, which created feelings and turned up as flashed of light in the edge of their vision. I understand, it doesn’t seem like much however as one of the researchers said, “It is an amazing step in human interaction”. If you’ve reviewed anything regarding the grays (aliens), you’ll recognize that they communicate using telepathy. Possibly this is the primary step people are requiring to attain that as well.