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If like me, you’re a big follower of the After collection, you’re currently really aware of our main personality – Landon Gibson. Landon is Tessa’s buddy and Hardin’s step sibling. He’s referred to as being the nice guy, the individual you can always trust. At the end of the After collection fans discover that years down the line Landon marries, yet readers were left scratching their heads at the question of THAT. Nothing More is Landon’s trip to locating love and ultimately his Happily Ever before After.

In the past, there was this wonderful man, with a tranquil life, a loving partner and also a caring mom. He was clever, responsible therefore fully grown for his age. Anna Todd – Nothing More Audiobook Free. He was like an old spirit inside the body of a two decades old guy. And his life was great, he had plans for the future with his partner as well as he thought he had his life figured out. Yet he really did not. Not. The day he landed in New York City his sweetheart broke up with him with the excuse of “I require to experience my college years single so I do not feel like I’m missing something” and also he appreciated that, he was left sad as well as depressing yet he respected her choice. The good news is, he wasn’t all alone, not completely, his buddy relocated to NYC with him and also they were great company per other, 2 heart broken hearts alone in the large city. Despite he had his best friend with him, and courses as well as a part time work, there was missing something in his. It lacked of a stimulate to make him really satisfied, and that something was to have his girlfriend back, or that’s what he assumed he needed. Yet he was all wrong once more, he required a genuine adjustment, like a badass woman, one that would certainly kiss him out of nowhere and assist him make a birthday celebration cake for the lady that operated in the grocery store. He required an old heart like himself, but one that wasn’t afraid to damage rules and also most of all, a person who took him out if his comfort area.

This wonderful man was Landon Gibson, Tessa’s buddy as well as Hardin’s action sibling. He was my third favorite character in the After Series, as well as it’s currently his time to radiate with his very own collection, actually it’s a duet, so expect a little cliffy at the end of Absolutely nothing Extra, one that will leave you intending to check out Absolutely nothing Much less immediately to learn how this mysterious woman and also Landon will certainly find their HEA.

Jason Woodworker was the ideal storyteller for this publication. His voice is tranquil and strong and also wonderful, similar to Landon’s individuality, and also he has this way of chatting that makes you envision him grinning, similarly Landon would certainly smile even if his life is a genuine mess. Jason’s performance was flawless, the pacing, the pronunciation as well as the inflexions for other personalities were just ideal for the story. I read this book two times before I paid attention to the audiobook and I appreciated it a lot more. Jason brought Landon to life and all his common experiences in New York City, his memories when he was a teen crazy with Dakota, his love for his mother, Tessa and also Hardin and most of all, his new rate of interest in Nora.

All in all, excellent audiobook, an outstanding buddy for guide. I can not wait to listen to the audiobook of Nothing Less, it’ll be told by Jason Woodworker as well as Elizabeth Louise, I currently recognize Jason will do incredible and I always enjoy Elizabeth’s efficiencies, so I’m sure I’ll love it as much as I enjoyed this sound.

New to New York and still nursing a broken heart from his high school sweetheart – Dakota, Landon is just looking for where he fits in here. Sure he’s got his college training courses, a work, as well as a couple pals to inhabit his time, yet Landon is lonely. Advantage he’s obtained a few girls trying his interest, consisting of Dakota!

As an Anna Todd follower I was EXTREMELY preparing for Landon’s story. As well as while I did like this book, it definitely wasn’t love as it had actually been with Hardin and Tessa’s publications. I’m not quite certain Landon is up to being the leading man of his very own series in all sincerity. His every day life was repetitive as well as for absence of a better word, boring. After that there would be some truly incredible scenes where Landon would chill out a bit and also be (in true Landon fashion) strangely unpleasant but somehow hot and I loved that! So while there were some actually excellent minutes, I required more of them.
We all bear in mind the lovable Landon from Tessa and also Hardin’s books.
He was the best friend, the bro, the nice guy, the good guy.

He’s a happy man. He’s always been this man.
Happy in his life. He enjoys his world. He loves his mama. He’s happy.

Currently he’s in New york city to go to University to come to be a primary instructor – once again, a job for the good, great, excellent man.

He’s living with his almost-step-sister-in-law Tessa – that’s still regreting over her break-up with Hardin.

But Landon is not satisfied. His veteran partner Dakota broke up with him to be a care free single in NYC while going to dance college.

As well as now inadequate Landon is just mosting likely to institution and also operating at a coffeehouse.
Every day specifically the same. He does not really understand what to do with himself. Especially on his times off.

Nonetheless, I WILL CERTAINLY be first in line to get my hands on Absolutely nothing Much less because I HAVE to understand who Landon winds up with! I simply love these characters so much. I feel like they belong of me. I sobbed with them, I surged with them, I giggled with them, and I will certainly be with them till the end. If you’re a fan of the After collection I naturally advise reading Nothing Much more.

I do not know what happened here.
It was so uninteresting and also subtle? Perhaps it was as well subtle and also I just didn’t get it? That could be the solution.
Landon transfers to NY to be near his lady good friend Dakota. Oh my, she is a peach lol. She is a great villain that you also kinda like. Nothing More by Anna Todd Audiobook Online. Then there is Nora, she is buddies with Tessa. My only issue with this triangle was Landon as well as exactly how wishy-washy he was. He was sooo whipped by Dakota. He also sounded a little bit womanly in the method Anna created him.

Anna Todd fans are mosting likely to enjoy her most recent release and I believe anybody that hasn’t read her but likes an excellent angsty triangular will appreciate this also.

I liked Landon in #Hessa’s books and currently he’s here on his very own. He can tell all of us this impressive story about how he discovered genuine love in New York.
But what he does is … NOTHING! (Possibly why Anna named guides Absolutely nothing A lot more as well as Absolutely Nothing Less! ☺).

Because the nothing part is currently covered in the title, I should’ve possibly expected it.
Yet I had so much expect Landon.