Anand Gopal – No Good Men Among the Living Audiobook

Anand Gopal – No Good Men Among the Living Audiobook (America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes)

Anand Gopal - No Good Men Among the Living Audiobook
Anand Gopal – No Good Men Among the Living Audiobook

This capable work is by a wide margin the best book about the Afghan war that I have ever perused. It is in actuality likely the best contention for thoroughgoing pacifism that I have ever observed. My consideration was called to this book by an Amazon client who remarked on my survey of “America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History,” where I contended that the writer of that book, Andrew Bacevich, wasn’t right to restrict the Afghan war.

This book concentrates on the encounters in the vicinity of 2001 and 2011 of three Afghans: ace American warlord Jan Muhammad Khan, Taliban mid-level leader Akbar Gul (a nom de plume) Uruzgan housewife (later medical caretaker and representative) Heela Achekzai. The book’s sole shortcoming is that it doesn’t generally take after any non-Pashtun Afghans, whose experience of the war I’m certain was essentially not the same as that of the Pashtuns; yet that is insufficient to deduct a star. I was struck by the reality pre-Soviet Afghan pioneer Daud Khan had contended for “Pashtunistan” to be cut out of Afghanistan and Pakistan, a thought I myself have regularly thought may give a worthy answer for the present war.At the finish of the book Heela is a congressperson in Kabul, Akbar is a detainee in Bagram Air Base, and Jan is dead, killed in all probability by his own particular nephew Matiullah, who assumed control over his old region of Uruzgan and sent Matiullah’s partner Heela to Kabul to speak to the territory. No Good Men Among the Living Audiobook Download Free. It was distributed in 2014, similarly as the Americans were giving over security in the last Afghan regions to Afghans and Hamid Karzai was leaving office, so the destinies of the two surviving characters may have changed in the previous two years.

Heela’s story is by a long shot the most moving and you may contend the most confusing of the three. In the event that the Americans had never come to Afghanistan, Heela’s cherished spouse Musqinyar would in any case be alive. On the off chance that they had left before she was widowed in October 2004, two of her four children would be dead and she herself would have been ingested into the group of her brother by marriage Shaysta, never to develop into the bigger world (as to be sure she for the most part had not in ten years living in reverse Uruzgan). Rather, she grabbed the activity (and a Kalashnikov) and dragged her family to the closest American base. They resettled her in Kandahar. When she returned to Uruzgan it was all alone terms and from that point until the finish of the story, she goes from quality to quality.

Akbar Gul’s story, nonetheless, is the most explaining to with respect to why the war advanced as it did. He really endeavored to wind up plainly a little business visionary in the new society that was jumping up in the wake of the Taliban’s annihilation and live in peace.

It was not until the point that 2005 that the horrendously degenerate Afghan police and nonstop American-Afghan strikes on speculated Taliban drove him once again into the battle. These strikes were generally a need of the American nearness. The issue in Afghanistan was not that there were excessively couple of Americans in light of our contribution in Iraq; it was that any Americans remained after canister Laden was crashed into Pakistan. All the more comprehensively you could even contend that the issue was that the United States did not acknowledge the Taliban’s offer to turn over canister Laden for trial in an Islamic nation (which would have must be one of the three with whom they had formal political relations: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates). Prior to the Iraq and Afghan Wars, Islamic legal advisers in these nations (particularly Saudi Arabia, for whom receptacle Laden was a bete noire) likely would have felt enough sensitivity for America after 9/11 to convict and execute canister Laden.

Lacking adversaries after the Taliban broke down in the fall of 2001, the American troops swung to the warlords like Jan Muhammad Khan they had introduced as the new controlling first class for “knowledge”. Anand Gopal – No Good Men Among the Living Audiobook Stream. These warlords utilized the American extraordinary powers as a club against their ethnic and financial opponents inside Afghanistan. Presto, adversaries of the United States to legitimize a steady American development that at its tallness saw more than 100,000 American warriors in Afghanistan. It is to be sure incomprehensible this would not occur in any nation where United States troops interceded sooner rather than later, which is the reason I see this book as a contention for thoroughgoing pacifism.