John Stephens – The Emerald Atlas Audiobook

John Stephens – The Emerald Atlas Audiobook Free

John Stephens - The Emerald Atlas Audiobook Free
John Stephens – The Emerald Atlas Audiobook

I was browsing for books at a local library when I picked this up to see. I began it that day and couldn’t put it down! I needed to get it for my kindle.
The prologue was cryptic and terrifying, the children’s characters immediately likeable, and the whole story suspenseful. For his first attempt, John Stevens did a phenomenal job. His writing style is perfectly balanced and he thought through his plot and its mechanics very well. I’m not certain what the age recommendation is on this particular book. . .it does not really need you. I am 18, but I stil check the children’s section for decent (if sometimes light) reading. This was much better than the stuff they publish as YA literature. John Stephens – The Emerald Atlas Audiobook Free.
The very best way I can explain The Emerald Atlas would be to compare it to the Narnia series and The Lord of the Rings – although not that Stevens is merely rehashing what has been achieved before. . .Atlas is completely original, while having the same elements that make Narnia and LOTR so popular. If you are a lover of great fantasy books, Atlas is ideal for you. Atlas is filled with humor, donuts, experience, time travel, friendship, and terror (although not too much, only enough to give you chills every once in a while).
The start may start a bit slowly for a few subscribers, but once you’re past the first five chapters – and arrive in Prof. Pym’s “orphanage” – you are comepletely with the narrative. From now Gabriel enters, you can’t set the book down, not that you’d want to. By the end, you have no clue what will happen, and the final chapter is probably the best of all.

The Emerald Atlas is very well composed and has a very pleasing mix of activity and self-reflection from the figures. Now the main characters vary from pre-school to barely-teen in the first book, but the inner lives of children is very rich, very imaginative, and much more immediate than many adults therefore this does not hamper the pleasure for adults reading this novel and also the next one. The Emerald Atlas Audiobook by John Stephens.

Much like the Harry Potter novels, life is far from honest for the primary characters. And they are asked to assume far more responsibility than they should. And they’re thrust to the designs of rather potent and driven adults. Nonetheless, it is not a Harry Potter rehash at all. Additionally, there are some intriguing ideas about the magic and non-magical worlds which have continued to be fleshed out in the second book.

Also something which you can look forward to should you pick this book up is that the most important antagonist the Dire Magus is actually developed in the second book, or his back-story is. You begin to feel. The only quibble I have is with the age assortment of 8. A precocious reader may have difficulty with the topics at the age. I’d say 11 or 12 and up and adults could fully and richly love this series as well. . .what is it all about feisty orphans with a quest? And there are just three of these. . .siblings. . . .and they’re smart, brave and adventuresome!!! It was fun and thrilling and evoked much anticipation and excitement for me. . .the reader. Kate, the eldest, is the only one who even remembers her mother along with the promise she made to her mother. That promise was that she’d always take care of her brother and sister. John Stephens – The Emerald Atlas Audiobook Download Free.
Their last placement is really where all the action really begins to develop. Things begin to happen to Kate that appear to get no explanation. She and her siblings can go back and forth in time. Creatures are following them since all of them hold a power over a string of books. They have many friends helping them watching them over as they experience bad after bad after evil. Michael is obsessed with dwarves and dwarves are definitely within this story, Emma is kind of a doer and not a thinker. . .and Kate just feels responsible for everyone. There is a Mr. Pym, a magician of the maximum order, that looks out for them and appears in the past in addition to later on. Gabriel is a powerful giant of a guy who will fight to the death to reestablish goodness in this world and who becomes a fierce protector of Emma.  The Emerald Atlas Audiobook Online.
This publication is full of characters that you love and that you hate. There are Screechers. . .who seem to be the worst thing of all things bad until you encounter other monsters which are even worse!

I received this book for my 1/2 year-old daughter, who is an avid and innovative reader, and I started to read it before she did and that I had a hard time putting it down! Suitable for children who CAN read way above their age level, but nevertheless appropriate for their age. She loved and is now reading the Fire Chronicle, another book in the series ( which is also wonderful!) Definitely recommend this publication. John Stephens – The Emerald Atlas Audiobook Free.